What do YOU season your rice with?

Just looking for some ideas.

Lower sodium preferred.


Any low sodium stock.

Also probably not the best and I'm sure people will not like the idea. However you know the blood/juice that comes off a steak? I LOVE putting brown rice into that, letting it soak it up and eating it last.

Sumac (a spice); it's all you need. Just pile it on, it makes rice taste amazing.

hey sell it in greek/persian/Mediterranean groceries in my town.

 black beans!


is popular in Japan. Watch out for MSG if that concerns you. Other options are gomashio and ochazuke, also referenced on the above page.


sodium central HQ

spinach n rice is good with a litte butter n pepper:)


For 'butter' check out the 'Smart Balance' spread. Lower in calories, tasty, and high in the good Omegas.

heard a guy who was very specific with his eating.. suggest smart balance...i actaually went n bought some as it was just as tasty as butter but healthier

and of course more expensive

I just toss in some soy sauce, paprika, with some chopped garlic and onions.

Squatdog - I just toss in some soy sauce, paprika, with some chopped garlic and onions.


Also, brew some good green tea, let it cool, and use that as the liquid to cook you rice. If enjoy green tea, you will love this. I drink/use Kirkland/Costco's rebranded Ito Zen green teabags.

Stir fry some veggies in teriyaki sauce (usually peppers, broccoli, and sometimes mushrooms) and then toss them and a touch of sauce in with the rice.

Tony chachere's salt free seasoning. Cajun/Creole seasoning. Very similar to his original blend but w/ no salt.

Warning/ LOTS of red pepper.

best thread eva

I eat rice plain, and i really do like the taste


Olive oil

great fucking thread.

some rosemary and a dash of olive oil, onions & garlic

fuck i want to make some right now!