What does Monson need to do....

to beat Fedor in March?

serious question...though I'm sure there will be some smart ass answers

looking for some "expert" opinions on what he will need to do to beat Fedor

what mistakes must he avoid?


I can't see Monson lasting 1 round...I just can't see him being able to do anything.

This matchup is just foolish imo.

ok, if you were Monson's trainer...what would you have him focus on?

I think he needs to adapt..not just keep trying the exact same thing he did with Sylvia...when he sees it's not working he has to have other options..other attacks...more then one game plan

I honestly think Jeff is gonna shock alot of people

He needs to lose about 30lbs of muscler and compete at LHW.........as for fedor he needs to not fight him if he doesn't want to lose. Even on the ground he loses BADLY IMO. Monson is no Mino and look what happened to him.

His trainer has to make him perfect all aspects of his game...There is no appropriate game plan to beat Fedor. His game is complete. So you have to complete your game to stand any chance. Which btw Monson is a very unbalanced fighter as far as skills go...He is a grappler, who can box...Where Fedor is equal on the ground or on his feet.


Its going to take a fluke... but they do happen. I wouldnt bet on this match but you truly never know.

Not much he can do, Fedor is as good as it gets right now. If he has any chance it will be on the ground.

thats what I'm thinking Evilmaster, Monson is probably the most physically gifted athlete in mma. I honestly believe what hurts him is 1. his cardio. IHP is a great place...but he needs to look around at other places. 2.ATT is a tremendous team...but he needs to train with some other camps as well...go train with Militech...go train with Chute Box....train with some sambo clubs.

Fedor isn't afraid to commit to his striking so this should offer Monson more opportunities to take him down, still don't see him winning it though, but it may make for a more exciting fight.

not bad...only two smart ass replies


ditto: honkey style.........

he already has them

the problem with Jeff...he has all the skills...he just needs to learn how to put them all together

There's seriously nothing he can do except throw wildly and hope he connects for a KO. He's certainly not as slick as Nogueira on the ground with submissions, and he'll get destroyed on the feet. I guess there is a remote chance of being able to somehow get takedown after takedown and win an old-school Arona-style decision.

One more thing...Monson's problem in a lot of cases imo is that he over thinks things...He needs to free his mind and flow more to be able to compete with the likes of Fedor...Fedor has displayed fluid smooth transitions in all of his fights, not only because of physical gifts...But because his thought process is uncluttered and fluid.

Physical & Mental Synergy is the key to beating Fedor.

Monson is going to get beat before he ever gets it to the ground.

the only way monson can win is the same way tk got lucky ..by a cut. if he get lucky with a knee or elbow is the only way imo..1000 to 1 chance imo

He needs to grow about 3 feet or drop to 185lb if he seriously wants to have a career

which ever is easier for him

Monsons chance is on the ground...