What Exercise is causing this Pain?

I have pain from my workout (not DOMS), but Im not sure what is causing it.
First to anticipate the 2 responses, I know:
1. ”You cannot diagnosis an injury over the internet”
2. "Should see a doctor to rule out a real injury"

True, but you can make an educated guess, such as:
“Your knees hurt? You were squatting? Well your knees could have gotten past your toes.”
“Your back hurts? You squatted yesterday? Well if you bend too far forward while you squat, it can put a lot of strain on your back”
“Shoulder pain? You do incline bench or upright rows? well that causes internal rotation and it pinches the rotator cuff”
Things like that.

First some background on my lifts:
When I do 5 reps, I can bench 235, I can do pullups with 95lbs, dips with 110lbs, laterals with 30lbs.

Now recently I've changed my routine to a giant superset of:
squat, bench, row, pullup, pushups, SL Deadlift, Shoulder press, pushups, rear and side laterals, dips and bodyweight squats.
Everything for 10 reps with 65lbs only, except for pullups and dips (no weight) and laterals (15lbs).
So the weight is ALOT lighter than what I am used to, but done with no rest, and alot quicker (to keep the heart rate up).

Now I worked out last Thursday, and friday I woke up with a huge pain on the back of my arm.
Upper tricep, where the tricep and bottom of the rear delt meet.
This same thing happened to my right arm a month ago, it hurt for a week, then went away and felt fine.
Almost like sometimes you wake up with a stiff painful neck for a few days.

What could have caused it?
It shouldn't be the amount of weight, since the weight is a lot less than I am usually using.

The only things I am doing different are:
1. I usually do dumbbell presses while seated. But now Im doing standing barbell presses, and its at the very end of the superset, so I am barely able to get the weight up.
So perhaps that, plus me having to move my head out of the way of the barbell is causing the tricep/rear delt area to get "pinched" ?
2. when I do pullups, I usually go until my arms are fully extended, but I had my elbow yanked/hurt/popped (in dec) and it hurts when I am at full extension, so I am not going to full extension.
3. I added pushups and bodyweight squats (from crossfit vids you know your arms are flying all funky when doing BW Squats)
4. I am doing the exercises fast, to keep the heart rate up, and the cardio going.
5. I usually don't warm up, I go into lift slow and thats it, but since Im lifting quicker now, I am warming up with arm circles/arm criss-crosses


Could just be overworking the posterior shoulder muscles, that is a lot of shoulder involvement in one workout, in what I am assuming is a short amount of time.

well, since you got all the caveats out of the way on your own i'll speculate wildly.

the things that jump out at me are the really high volume on the triceps, since roughly half of your exercises involve them (i'm assuming the pullups are with a pronated grip). if you're not used to that kind of volume you could be looking at an overuse injury like tendonitis (which usually hurts the most when you wake up, then gets better through the day depending on location). could be in the rear delt also if you've never done much for the area before.

that's the closest i can get to a guess.

IIRC, the long head of the triceps originates at your scapula, and actually assists in pulling movements.

I don't think it's a matter of which exercise caused this injury/inflammation, but rather the combination of pushing and pulling movements in one session that may be the culprit.

Reconsider the volume of work and the types of exercises you're doing - Heavy pulls/light push on one day, Heavy push/light pull on other days.