What fighter would you like to see JUICED to hell?

 What fighter would you like to see JUICED to MAX? I'm talking about having steriods fed to him via IV 24/7, and have him sippin' on 40's of Winstrol.

Personally I'd like to see the UFC send Wand to Japan and juice him to the limit, and have him fight 5 180lb Japanese cans in 1 night.

 I'd like to see Overeem juiced to the max.

After all, he's already that big when he's 'clean', imagine how big he'd be when he's juiced to the MAX.

 Caol Uno

Brock, Sherk, Wanderlei, Ken

 hilarious thread,, lol

a juiced to the max Wand would scare the fu*k out of me 

wait.. didnt we already see this and everyone was scared of him... Im just speculating but still

either of the Diaz brothers would be crazy to see juiced to the max.. haha can you imagine that 

Tim Sylvia


Miguel Torres

 Jeremy Horn, yes I am serious

lots are already

Gina Carano

No doubt in my mind ... it has to be one of the Diaz boys.

Just imagine the kind of RAGE! they could channel if hopped up on 'roids.


Edit:  also, to further enhance the Diaz RAGE!, take their weed away.

Corey Hill

Ray Mercer.

Shogun, Wanderlei and CroCop (again).


 Randy Cou... nevermind....


Mariusz Pudzianowski

Diaz bros

 Reggie Warren Jr.

giant silva

BJ Penn.
Ivan Salaverry.
Jeremy Horn is a good pick.