what happend to gan mcgee???

he hasn't fought since loosing to semmy in 2004. his record was 12-4. is he done??

I have'nt seen him or even heard of him fighting either. maybe he moved on to something else that people that are 6'10" do

Gan is an excellent fighter, wrestling/stand up.Its too bad hes not fighting. I heard his split dec loss to Heath was questionable and certainly no shame in his other couple defeats.The UFC could really use him right now....

i agree

His standup was horrible. He hit hard, but that's it. He was big, strong, and tough though.

He looked horrendous in his fights with Schilt and Herring and dropped out of the MMA scene.

rumor has it hes very talented but too lazy at training

Gan's standup is really not bad and almost all of his wins came from strikes.I'm pretty sure he trained with Chuck at PIT.The bummer is he ended on a down note.

KTFO by Sylvia, decisioned by Herring in a Clash of the Awful Standup Titans, and submitted by Schilt after being beat up from the bottom. Bad way to go out.

Last i heard, he left the pit and moved on to do........ummmm whatever he does now

"GAn sucked at striking and was OK at wrestling"

He was on the team at Iowa back when they were the big dogs. That makes him a pretty good wrestler.

hes also the reason why knees to the head on the ground are illegal.

"hes also the reason why knees to the head on the ground are illegal."

Whats the story behind that?

He did well against Barnett.

butcher4 - that was his bread and butter - he would snap people down to a front headlock and just brutalize em with an unending series of knees to the head.

At IFC-Battleground 2 this display opened up a huge gash on opponent Brad Gabriel (then IFC Native Americas Champ while Gan was the World Champion) and that lead to Larry Hazzard putting the ban on it.

BryBry, As far as Gan "sucks at striking" he sure did finish a lot of people with strikes.Whats up with the whiteboy remarks are you prejudice?

I was sure he was gonna smoke people when he went out to Simco's and trained his bjj.


Nice try Rolled. I'm as quick as the next whitey to jump on the racism anti-double standard band wagon, but that statement was no more racist than saying Rampage is a tough-ass black dude. Gan has demonstrated some good fights, but also serious "softness" in others. Also, he is white, too.

UncleGrappler, Actually ive noticed BryBry say "whiteboy" in a seemingly negative manner on more than one occasion when it is irrelevant.I am in no way prejudice or over sensitive to it but find it awkward to point out someones race for no reason.I mean most of us posting know what fighters look like.If im reading it wrong then my opology to BryBry...P.S. Rampage in addition to being a "tough ass black dude" is an mma superstar...