What is the most succsessfull thread

that youv'e ever seen on MMA.TV
by succsessfull i mean the most posts and views.
wisconsin bjj growing strong has a ridiculous number of posts and views

 Bisping Bandwagon ;)


lol yes the bandwagon is still rolling

Check out this fake fighter was a big ammount, MMA.tv annonomus confessions thread had alot also was fuckin genius

Anonymous confessions was just kind of creepy.

Is it still going?

Travis Fulton the boxer

Annonomus confessions thread is dead i belive, that story bout the guy, waking up in that party and using that ko'd girl's hand 2 jack off han me crying, yeah Travis fulton was long as hell, how long?

Fair play irishfighter already saw ur Rogers,Arlovski thread u gt Edgar aswell nice job

which one of those 2 has da most? Wisconsin BJJ growing strong must be over 1ooo pages now

Wisconsin BJJ going strong

"How does anyone make any money from porn"

is pretty strong on the OG.

 kiriik may not own this site

the ultimate ass threads doing well

the ultimate ass was amazing, god bless you eddie bravo

 mother f'n liar

Girl licked my pooper (the original one...not the recent one)

Girl tried to lickmy pooper??

 i just found the anonymous confessions thread in a search. ill give it a read!


Animal NHB, conceivably.