What is vitor belfort thinking right now?

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Worst possible outcome, Vitor goes off script a wheel kicks(Rockhold, Terry Etims) him resulting in a possible death…
I love Vitor
And like evander, but Florida gonna Fluuuuriduhh


Evander always talked like that. This won’t be close.

was that the outcome you expected?

No, but happy that they didn’t let Vitor go full retard on Evander. Hopefully Evander has people that give a fuck about him, and not let him do anything like this again. Mike Tyson, would’ve ate his children if they were fight at this point.

He just fought at 58, clearly he doesn’t have people around him who care.

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Clearly not, else this fight wouldn’t have happened. There’s no way they needed to see him fight again to know he isn’t capable anymore. Plus age alone should have been enough to know it wasn’t a good idea.

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People like Evander have lived a life of not listening to “No”. He’s a grown ass man and if he’s got his heart set on doing something; even people who love him to death aren’t going to be able to talk him out of it. He fought way past his prime and just decided to jump back in. I’m fairly certain he has people that love him in his circle but he’s gonna do what a guy who was born and has lived his entire life to do; fight. Hopefully he makes the decision to stop now, but it will have to be his decision.


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I agree…and I think getting stopped in the first round by an MMA fighter who spent most of his career fighting at 185 pounds, who was 44 at the time, and got knocked out in 4 of his last 5 fights, and happened to be coming off a 3 year layoff…if that’s not a big enough sign for Evander that he needs to hang it up, nothing ever will be.

Unless there’s another 55-60 year old former boxer who also looks like shit, and they’re going to do an exhibition for charity with HUGE gloves and headgear, there’s no reason for him to be in the ring again.

He had a great career, and 58 year old guys shouldn’t be fighting.

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I agree, but it was hard seeing him like that. Hopefully it was enough money that he doesn’t feel the need do it again, and he’s comfortable.

The majority of people eat, drink or smoke themselves to death, but we can’t stand seeing a guy take extra brain damage doing something that defines him more than anything and that he clearly can’t enjoy life without?

It’s in real time with fighting and it forces people to confront those feelings. Seeing someone slowly kill themselves from eating or smoking is a slow burn and people can rationalize it over time.

Seeing someone get violently dealt with causes emotions. You see them on this thread. “That was really rough for me to see” kind of things. Drinking 5 sodas a day doesn’t emit those kind of responses.