What 'No-gi'ers are missing out in in BJJ...


Fun is subjective. Getting arthritis in the fingers is not fun to me Phone Post

checkuroil - Fun is subjective. Getting arthritis in the fingers is not fun to me <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

For what it's worth, I roll mostly in the gi, but don't use a single gi grip.

I don't see how having more ways to choke people could be a bad thing (I do about 50/50 gi/nogi - both are awesome in their own way).

Laundry. Massive amounts of laundry.

Laundry is true. Unless u just throw ur gi in the back of the car (ie Andreh...). Seems to work.

Febreeze bros Phone Post

I say do both, that way you an walk on any mats any time and not have to make excuses as to why you suck ass with or without a gi on.

The $250 gi fashion shows

A pretty gi with loads of patches is a great thing!

i like both, but some of the hot days here in south fl i can see an argument for only training nogi

A nice slow technical game where you old guys can control younger muscle heads with a simple grip.

Idk i feel stalling is alot higher in gi but i do enjoy bow and arrow chokes :D and you cant play open/DLR/RDLR to well without the gi . Phone Post

I use soap so I'm good on the skin infections Phone Post

shen -

Laundry. Massive amounts of laundry.

I'm sponsored by Bosch. U should too. Phone Post

I don't understand how gi is more fun...unless by fun you simply mean more moves to do. Personally the quick pace and scrambling of no gi keeps things more exciting but that's just me. It's the same reason speed chess is more fun for some chess players.

When you have the gi on there are less scrambles and more technique due to a slower pace. That's why I like it. Phone Post

Learning how to scramble is a technique Phone Post

While there are plenty of goons and meatheads in Gi BJJ, I think by only offering gi classes, a school weeds out a handful of goons that only want to roll around shirtless and train BJJ to fight.

Even if you want to learn bjj just to fight mma, I think the idea of listening to the teacher and putting on a gi to train, shows that you are more open to learning.

(Note - I'm a fan of Eddie's and have visited 10th planet HQ - it was an awesome experience, and everyone was very friendly there)

I don't see what's wrong with wanting to know how to fight. Also you can implement uniforms in no gi as well Phone Post