What S&C Coaches do you rate?

I know Taku and Vermont are highly thought of on here, but I was wondering what other coaches do you guys (Taku and Vermont as well) rate and why?

Over the years I've been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing S&C coaches as well as talented and dedicated athletes. There are certainly a few guys I admire, and who have either inspired and or heavily inlfuenced me (or both).

Here a few in no particular order:

Mike Gittleson

Mark Asanovich

Arthur Jones

Tom Kelso

JC Santana


When it comes to training for BJJ and especially longevity and health in training I go with Steve Maxwell.

40 years of martial arts training, 61 years old and still strong and flexible

You can't understand movement without mechanics; muscle, bone and sinew without biology; nutrition without chemistry; energy without physics. You won't know which position is valid without logic; factual without information; convincing without rhetoric. None of that knowledge would matter if you don't have the business acumen to reach people or the communication skill to disseminate it properly.

I learn from everyone I encounter. That's my answer.

What's your guys thoughts on Joel Jamison??? I follow his website and fight it quite good! Also is there any other strength and conditioning coaches who I could follow who do a lot of combat sports stuff??

I'm in the final year of a sports science degree and always find other more established guys stuff interesting! Phone Post 3.0

Martin Rooney Phone Post 3.0

I've always been a HUGE fan of Ross Enamait.

Also, Wendler.

Guess it kinda depends on what you're looking for. Phone Post 3.0

In my very early days there were several guys who really helped to steer me in the right direction. They are not "known" coaches, but were powerful positive influences on me as I began this journey.

I am honored if anyone feels that I have in some small way helped them out in their journey to Strength and Fitness.


P.S. One other guy I forgot to mention was Dr Ken. 

Dr. Ken is the fucking man.

I rate myself ;-) (no shameless plug)

On here, Taku and Dougie are definitely the best of the best on this board. Jeremy Hamilton has some good stuff to add, he definitely knows his shit.

On other boards, I gotta give a nod to Dave Tate. While I like Wendler, I find that Tate has done a better job IMO of staying "real" even after getting the T-nation money, than Wendler.

For an old school shout-out, few can go without giving a nod to Tudor Bompa. While his stuff is old now, and perhaps bastardized to the point of uselessness, his ideas on training cycles, etc were revolutionary for the time, and few today could say they haven't incorporated at least a few of his ideas.