What to do....fuming..

This is really making me angry...i'm a pretty calm person generally.

Anyways one of my new guys at my gym, is a real nice guy, not superathletic, but he took up bjj and he loves it and mauy thai as well. Been trainign about 2-3 weeks solid now. He's just a harmless guy, about 62 kg's, pretty funny etc, u guys know guys like him, pretty hard not to like.

Neways turns out he's been getting bullied at university. He met a dude there that seemed nice, was pretty popular and just sorta joined in their group, was kewl for a while but they started picking on him a bit like teasing him etc, testing him, trying to embarress him etc.

They setup a poker night so they could get him to spar (before he started training) and they egged him on till he did it and got punched in the face and wanted to stop.

Now they are sending round mails to all the people he knows etc saying "name is a pussy...typical asian" because he wouldnt agree to a 10 round rematch (lol fucking knowitall dumbasses even put half assed boxing rules and a reffing system).

Man i am so angry, this guy is the sweetest most innocent dude and i just wanna go there and wreck these guys. Obviously legal reasons are an issue. Neways the "leader" of their group wants to spar one of my guys whos been doing it a year and fought kickboxing once, had about 16 BJJ and sub wrestling matches and they wanna spar the new guy as well.

They even went as far as saying "gym name just teaches u how to be a pussy".

NEways i fucking hate bullies especially ones that pretend to be ure friend.

Some advise guys would be great i'm really angry at the moment.

"Man i am so angry, this guy is the sweetest most innocent dude" lol... go defend your boyfriends honor...

hahaha its funny man, but i dont like seeing kids like him being bullied.

He thinks its his fault to, like for doing the wrong thing or just not knowing they were setting him up etc.

I say invite them down for a rematch, and beat the shit out of them...

in love ofcourse


Seems to me like karma's collecting her debt for something YOU don't know about.

Invite them to the gym and tell them they are welcome to train and teach you how its done. Then obliterate them

Kostakio ...explain? Sounds like My name is Earl.

Rev, one of the guys they wanna spar with is a good christian. I dont wanna advise him wrong as to what to do. He wants to stick of for his friend who is being picked on but i dont wanna encourage him to do something against his religious beliefs.

More advise please guys.

My advise? Tell him to walk up to the leader and smash him square in the face and say to him "I'm the daddy!"..

That will get their respect.

Its not a gang, just a bunch of nerdy dudes who think they are kewl. Nerds can be solid though, dont think that describes them as small.

Seriously.. The guy just needs a bit of confidence. He doesn't need to solve anything with his fists.. I win my battles with quick wit and words people don't understand.

After the waiver is signed it is all good, as long as it happens in the gym.

Job i think ure right. Gonna do a bit more smacktalking with him, something that really helped me deal with dickheads like this guy, just me and my mates sling insults at eachother so much that nothing phases u. We actually use that to help kids with bullying at our gym.

wow, they have bullying at university??? when did it turn into high school?

hahaha the trolls come out.

Guys this is serious though, this is a good kid thats suffering coz of a bunch of dickheads. UNless ure a bully ureself it should make u mad.

Nah I know where you're coming from.. I hate seeing people gang up on some kid with no self confidence..

Walbjj, he met them at uni but became friends outside. They are all asian and the guy just wanted into their group coz they are popular on campus or something. Neways they are just being bullies like high school, playing tricks on him to embarress him etc, liek really fuct up shit etc. Now getting a guy to punch him...pretty fuct. Lucky he is picking up M.t/ BJJ really quick, he got his first tap today with a RNC

JOB nailed it, the kid doesnt have alot of confidence, for whateva reason.

Just get into that group with them and start talking trash to them like they do to your friend. You train at this gym "that just teaches you how to be pussies" that they were referring to. Get a few of them in the ring and make a point. If they won't step up, then that makes the point for you doesn't it? What you and they already know is that they only mess with this guy because they know they can whip him. Just make sure that gets revealed by stepping up against a few of them and seeing how tough THEY are.

Hosegood i'd love to, unfortunately they wont with me coz they seen my site, know i compete etc. Also getting them there is a problem to.