What was the best rivalry ever in MMA

 What was the best rivalry in MMA?

Pele- Macaco

Tito- Shamrock (Lion's Den)

Sakuraba- Gracie's

Silva- Jackson

Liddell- Couture

Liddell- Tito

BTT- Chute Boxe

Trigg- Hughes

Sakuraba vs the Gracies is my favourite followed closely by the BTT vs Chute Boxe rivalry

What's yours??

 Barnett/ Dana White

Sakuraba vs the Gracie family was the best by far

1) Chuck vs Tito

2) Sakuraba vs Gracies

My favorite one-fight rivalry Fedor/CroCop. Phone Post


Tito and Chuck.

I remember seeing UFC 47 live on Pay-Per-View.  There was a special sort of feeling to that fight that you can't really describe.

I don't think a fight since has had that sort of buzz around it, that wasn't manufactured through fake dislike a la Rampage and Evans.

Sak vs The Gracie Family

No Chute Boxe/Hammer House?

Saku - gracies

Chael - black house

Bisping - 'Merica Phone Post

BJJ vs Luta Livre

Leben - Thacker's bed Phone Post

Couture/Liddell for me. Phone Post

CRBMoney14 - No Chute Boxe/Hammer House?


Zen - 1) Chuck vs Tito

2) Sakuraba vs Gracies


Tito vs Shamrock (UFC 40)

Tito vs Liddell

There are tons more but Tito, Ken, and Liddell know how to seel fights so these rivalries stick out the most.

How can I forget... "What was the best rivalry in MMA?"

PRIDE vs UFC !!!

What about Don Fry & Ken Shamrock?!!

Ferg and Ox Doc

Carlson Gracie boys vs Helio Gracies boys

nova uniao vs gracie barra

I knew I would forget a couple.  Yes,  Hammer House/ChuteBoxe should have been listed as well as Penn/Hughes