Whatever happened to WIGGY???

Anyone know?

I talk to him pretty regularly. He got back from Afghanistan and is working on redoing his website and taking some other things on as well. It's good to see that he's doing well.

Thanks for asking, bro.

I'm still around - here and there, just don't post much anymore. Like Scrap said, I got back from Iraq (not Afghanistan you putz ;-) the beg of November. I now have the resources and time to make training and selling products via website a full-time gig, so I've been busting tail on that. It's been a bunch of mess - trouble with my web host, transferring my site got all messed up, computer crashed a couple times, been teaching myself html, etc.

I've got a new product that should be available in the next couple weeks. I'll be doing away with my S&D books and focusing on this.

Buddhadev, shoot me an email at wiggy at workingclassfitness dot com if you don't mind...

No. If I have a bunch of people asking for them, I might still have them available, but I'm looking to move onto my new product. It's completely kick-ass (if I do say so myself) and should blow everything else I've done out of the water...

The S&D books are on sale (as is my 12-week MMA program) in case anybody is interested...

I'm interested in seeing the new product.



It definitely will. The days of Wiggy and I talking on the phone and bitching about stuff are hopefully behind us. =)

Thanks for the good words guys.

And BTW, anybody who is a whiz at web design and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or who knows a whiz PLEASE drop me an email - I'm getting nowhere REALLY fast trying to learn all this stuff on my own via reverse engineering and "trial and error."


wiggy- how would someone purchase the 12 week mma workout?

i might have a guy who is good at doing web design... but i have to
check his schedule... between fulltime in the USAF and school... he
might have time

Dude - email me either via mma.tv email or at:

wiggy at workingclassfitness dot com


EDIT - oh, and the order buttons for the S&D Package and 12-week mma program are on this page:



I'm not an SEO guy, but this should help.

Nice to see you back safe, Wiggy. Thank you for your service to your country.

Thanks Sobolweski. I didn't serve, though - I went worked for a contractor. It's the men and women of the Armed Forces who are awesome. I just got shot at a lot and cussed the British for not shooting back... ;-)

Oops...was it an American contractor at least? lol!

Seriously though, I am glad to see you back :)


Glad to see you are back safe, brother. I'l be in touch.