What's the worst late stoppage video you can find?

I’m talking any organization. Share with me the worst late stoppage fight you can think of, include a video if you can.

This one was pretty bad



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Gotta be the one where Sakuraba was knocked unconscious and then beaten until he woke up again (and won the fight).


Rumble Vs Arlovski 1st round…. They forgot to stop the fucking round and Andre got his jaw punched into the top row of the stadium.

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Didn’t he finish the fight with a busted jaw? Wsof?




Holy shit forgot about that one :frowning:

Against Smirnovas?

not sure where to find the video, there is one somewhere… there was a ridiculous situation in Brazilian Vale Tudo back in the 90’s. a geezer got dropped badly with a punch and was on knees/elbows, completely out of it.

the winning fighter asked the ref to declare him the victor, but as the losing fighter was technically conscious, the ref seemed to shrug and waved the winner in to finish the job.

the winner duly soccer-kicked the guy full power, right in the fucking head, causing untold damage - to the boiling frustration and incredulity of his team-mates.

even though it was the early days and not much was known about the timing of stopping fights, that ref deserved to be hunted down and tortured. absolute fuckwitt.

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Is gilbert yvel in prison or dead yet?

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Ref didn’t want to get beat by Gilbert, he knew better.

That one where Kim couture almost got choked to death.

There was a recent one where a guy gets slept, in think with a triangle, then gets his arm broken while he’s unconscious. I can’t find that one


This is up there too because he’s not even moving and it’s just his unconscious body getting teed off on for quite a while:

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The worst ones are not in the UFC.

Mostly on the local circuit scene.

I saw a vid of someone choked out cold and the ref didn’t stop it and the fighter kept the hold on for another 35 seconds or so!!!
Which could kill u,

It was disgusting

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Razor Rob vs Olaf

Came in here to post Joe Warren vs Pat Curran
That fight immediately came to mind when i read the thread title.
What a beating.