What's your take on COCONUT?

So I hear and read that coconut oil is very good for cooking yadayada, good saturated fats and some other stuff.

Is supposed to stimulate thyroid gland and speed up metabolism by doing that.

ALSO I hear this can go too far resulting in inflammation of thyroid gland and in possible permanent damage and forever slower metabolism.

What about REAL coconut not oil? What about dried coconut flakes? I hear some ppl use them isntead of white wheat flour when making pizza for example.

ttt for someone who knows, but the oil's great on your hair and skin (topically).

I personally think its very good for you.

I eat this stuff straight out of the jar, its delicious.


Everything in moderation. Coconut is the bomb.

How about coconut milk. I love Thai green curry.

the milk isnt the same as the fat. some of the health benefits are in the fat.

i use it to scramble eggs

wow ttt

I like to put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.

Coconut Cream Pie is my favorite, but thats another thread.

Samoans eat coconuts and they're fat as sh!t. Stay away.