When to cut?

I know how to cut, i know how much im going to lose... i need your opinions on when to do the cut.Im going to be 5-7lbs over my weight limit for a submission grappling tournament, weigh-ins are about 10am, my div. will start about 1pm - shall i do it the night before OR the morning of the event?

5-7 pounds isn't much really. A light water cut of 2 pounds, a "flushing day" of no food the day before will take another two pounds at least, and a moderate diet will take care of the rest, no problem.

CS - you recommend not eating the day before a tournament?

Not drinking i could understand, if the weight cut was necessary (10l water 3 days out, 5l water 2 days out - 0 fluids day before whilst taking herbal diuretic)

Youre right 5-7lbs is not a lot.

SJFou- One day isn't anything, especially if you replenish aftr you weigh in. I cut ten pounds in one day for a NAGA event in 2003, and had no problems on strength.


i usually between 17-22lbs for my fights and i never go a day without food or water and i have never missed weight. you need to learn more about the timing of your meals. and what foods to eat. obviously, the day of weigh ins depending on whether you cut that day or the day before you need to be careful with what you intake. if i save any weight to be cut for the day of weigh ins i always make sure to eat an hour or so before i begin my cut, and usually have something small shortly afer.

Nice work Bull - I thought it was about time someone stopped being too scared to write a book on cutting.

Sean, you aren't cutting that much in water, that's with diet modification right?

Try to be within 10-15 lbs the last week, and try to only lose 10% or less in water weight. More than that if you're lighter is tough and could be risky.

I'm about 20 lbs over at 2 weeks out. 1 week out I am 15.

I've always considered 'cutting' to be the last few days prior to a weigh in where the athlete is dropping weight via purging his/her body of water and (potentially) moderate-severe calorie restriction.  This part is 'cutting'.  The 'eating sensibly and exercising for a few weeks' that might be a precursor to this stage isn't cutting.  Is it?

1armed, thats my definition of cutting too, the water drop.

 cutting = temporary loss of water weight

Not at all Jonathan.  There are threads on this subject that pop up every now and again here and there seems to be varying opinons on what exaclty constitues 'weight cutting'.  You hear people all the time talking about 'cutting' 20, 30+ lbs, and I'd bet dimes to dollars they aren't achieving that much weight loss via 'temporary loss of water weight'.  I'd also wager to guess they aren't replenishing all that lost weight in time for the fight either.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, look at Tibau for example.

I taught Kennedy all he knows.

JKennedy - Chad can vouch for the fact that I drop around 17 for a fight. 99% of that is all water as per the cut method I listed. The replenishing of fluids and food afterwards is critical as well.
Excellent point. Losing the weight is just half the battle. Putting it back on properly is just as important.


JKennedy - For sure. Far too many times I have I seen people 'gorge' after making weight only to have bigger problems later that day. If done right you could start your cut for 170 weighing as much as 189. Over 48 hours you come down to within a hair of 170 via dropping water and then step back into the ring at 187-ish.


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i also recommend not cutting for striking matches with same day weigh-ins.

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What about cutting 6-8lbs for a grappling comp one week out that you weigh in before getting on mat?

^ good advice ^