Whey Protein Question???

I attended a seminar in 2000 in Australia (Sydney Olympics time) and during one of the clinic's on Diet/Nutrition there was a lengthy discussion on the pro's and cons of Whey Protein.

It was reported that WP is an Industrial Waste type product and prior to it being used as a Diet Supplement it was basically toxic and had to be carefully handled and disposed of????

Have I completely muddled this or is it true???

Anyone know anything, referenced sites or facts would be appreciated.

Thing is a guy I train with swears by it and I just wanted to tip his scales a little.



Whey is a byproduct of the production of certain dairy products. Prior to the discovery that it is a fantastic protein supplement it was considered mainly a waste product and was used only to make cattle and hog feed. So, it was considered a waste product, but by no means was it ever thought to be toxic.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Thanks JR, my mind is a sieve at the best of times, that sounds a little more logical.



Try this:

ttt for delicious waste products!