Which Fitness Machine to BUY!

I play serious Men's ball hockey in the summer time and Ice hockey in the winter, i was looking at all the different types of machiens out there from Bikes to Elliptical machines

which one would you guys recommend for a good cardio work out?


How much are you looking to spend?

im willing to spend anywhere from 15-300 bucks maybe 150-400 if the machine is that good

dont wanna waste my money either

I wouldn't buy a cardio machine for under $200, at least. Unless you can find a super good deal, your gonna get a piece of junk. I'd rather buy tapes (hint: scrappers workouts) and do them at home. You can get in serious shape w/ good bwe tapes.

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Get a "power tower" where you can do pullups, roman chairs, dips, situps, and pushups for $150. Get some bodyweight program like Scapper or Bas's MMA workout and your all set.

Any cardio machine you can get for that kind of money is going to be pretty crappy. I agree with getting the chin/dip/roman chair tower. I have one of those, and also scrappers mod-1. That keeps me pretty fit. If you get the mod-1, once you can get through PT For Convicts, going hard, you are in shape...

so what about a simple exercise bike guyz

i just want some good cardio for constant running during ball hockey

he said "ball hockey"

huh huh huh....

Buy a pair of running shoes. Find a hill. Haul your ass up it.

If you want to get real creative (and effective) tie a freakin' plate or sled
to your belt and see above.

This will help much more with your stamina in a high intensity activity
like hockey than a stationary bike will.


yep Mens Ball hockey is HUGE in Newfoudland

we had the best junior team in Canada two yrs ago, our Mens team is playing in TO this summer for the Nationals

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