Which Nike Frees do i want?

i run about 20-30kms a week & do 3 WW4SB style workouts - do i want the "trainers" or the "runners"? In the 5.0 series?

i ask because i need to mail-order them because of my location & want to make sure i get it right first time. Unsurprisingly, all the running forums ive been to know jack about lifting weights in them...

I have the 5 series trainers. I do a fair amount of treadmill and bike work with them. I do get a bit of heat and rubbing in the shoe. My next pair will be the runners. I would get the runners with your weekly mileage(km) stats.

yeah, ive considered that too - what are some good workout shoes? Chuck Taylors?

One reason i havent invested in both is because i do an upper body-workout, then go for a run finishing back at the gym, stretch, shower & go to work. i also do wheel-barrow sprints one workout a week.

I do wear soccer boots (rubber spikes, not the plastic stud-type) for traction on wet-grass during sprint-work at my local running track...

I should have written the wheelbarrow work is done on the road, not grass...

Are the Nike Frees as good as the Nike Shox when it comes to shin splints? The Shox are the only shoes I can wear running without getting the splints.

Probably worse - they're imitating barefeet. On a scale of 1-10, say shoes were 10.0 & barefeet are 0.0, the Frees version is how close they are to barefeet - ie. the 5.0 series is about halfway...

I have 5.0 version 2 and love them.

*rides a bike to the local running store...

seriously, ill go to a chain called in Aus we got called Athletes Foot. Their claim to fame is being able to match shoes to your foot type etc... sounds pretty difficult stuff for a shoe salesman...

I don't run in mine. I walk in them all day. After my injury, they were the only shoes I could wear. The heel cup is very soft and dosen't rub on my achillies at all. I run in a pair of Mizuno shoes that I love.

The Nike Free comes in several different models- Runner, Trainer, and Trail. As mentioned before, 10 is a regular shoe and 0 is barefoot. The Trainers come in 7 and 5. The Runners come in 5 and 4. The Trail comes in 5.

The best thing to do is to try to different models and see what feels the most comfortable for you. I have the Trail and I found them more comfortable that the other models I tried, but that's just me.

My only wish is that Nike would make a Free that does not have the typical heel of the sole that is thicker than the front of the shoe. I wish they would make the sole level from front to back so it would be totally level like the ground.

The problem nowadays is that all the fancy shoes with all the fancy cushioning are making people's dysfunctional bodies even weaker more dysfunctional. If you have shin splints, knee pains, etc... when you run it is because there is something wrong with the alignment of your body which is preventing it from properly absorbing shock. When you start adding all that cushioning, you are having the shoe do what your body was supposed to do. Then what happens is that your body ends up depending on it, thus deviating farther from its functional design.

If you want to get absolutely as close to barefoot as possible, then check out the Vibram 5 Fingers shoe. That shoe is like a thin glove for your foot. Personally, I have gotten my body to a point where I can run 100% barefoot on concrete and it doesn't bother my joints at all. I actually ran 1.6 miles barefoot on concrete today. I only wear the Vibram 5 Fingers to protect my skin. If your body is at the functional level to run barefoot, you will feel the usage of muscle is very different from run in "regular" shoes, including the Nike Free.

Asics Gel Kayano XIII Road-Running Shoes

made for over pronaters and medium to high mileage


look up reviews but it is a runners training favorite.

Please look into a pair of superfeet insoles as well..they are really nice. I have a black pair for low arches and they do help align your knees over your feet and have gotten rid of inside knee pain especially over prolonged standing and running.

Do not use shoes that try to adjust for pronation or supination. Once again, anything that attempts to artifically do what your body is supposed to do will cause your body to depend on it and make is deviate farther from its functional design. It may feel good temporarily, but it will hurt your body in the long run. It's like walking with crutches. It may feel less stressful on your legs at first, however, if you walk with crutches everyday for years and years, one day your body won't be able to walk without it.


If you want to improve the alignment of your body and get rid of your problem, you need to get on the MBF program. There aren't any shortcuts. However, one thing I am sure of is that the strength training you are doing is making your situation worse.