Who are the guys no one wants to fight?

I'm not really counting the big 4 cause they have Titles. Everybody in some way is gunning for them.

Guys more like Machida who nobody wants to fight, Guys like Nick Diaz who you know you had better come to fight every second of that fight because he is.

Clay Guida, Josh Neer, Spencer Fisher, Diego Sanchez also all come to mind.

I know I'm missing alot but who are the guys you feel are some of the fighters others may avoid.

The day I hear anyone at LHW say "I want Machida, cause I wanna fight the best guys out there," I may actualy shit may pants.


I don't know about Shogun a win over him still seems like an automatic Title shot to me. I think alot of people want him.

Hell Tito was calling him out and Tito doesn't call anybody out thats not collecting a pension.

diego and Koscheck get my vote

I think Machida for sure.Shogun not to much, I think he's been somewhat exposed over his last few fights. As Scamy says, he is a high profile scalp that some feel they can beat.You've probably got to look at alot of the great ex-pride fighters to find people thst fighters don't really wanna fight. I think Wandy is still worth alot more stock than people give him.




I think it depends on how the strengths match up.

Any fighter that lurks and hovers in the shadows of the belt. Not necessarily the obvious contenders.

GSP. You fight GSP and you will get smashed up. He's not a quick ko fighter. You will be in a car wreck in a fight with him. Ask Serra's ribs and Sherk's face.

I'll throw in another vote for Koscheck.

Lindland is another.

Brandon Wolff? :D

Jake O'Brien.

Some guys are hard to look good against, even if you win, like Werdum and (at a lower level) Sam Hogar.


Sam Hogar is a great call

I'd also go with Rashad Evans lol

BLAF ...

even Tito backed out of fighting that guy.

Anderson Silva - you'll need plastic surgery after this fight.

din thomas and rich clementi are both guys that are risky fights for anyone

Machida defines the term, Jake O'Brien with his Arvloski gameplan, and Bisping because it'll be in Britain, the judges will hate you and it'll probably be a main event that no one gives a shit about.
I'll also add Werdum as well since it's a lose lose. Even if you win he's getting next to no publicity so it wouldn't be deemed a huge victory in terms of hype, not to mention the HW title picture is going to be mucked up for a little while here.

Cane Valasquez, not a name yet, but has all the tools to school you with.

Mike Tyson