Who at 170 could survive that onslaught like Fitch

I mean seriously... Matt Hughes couldn't, no matter how good of a breakfast he ate that morning, I doubt Alves could survive that either.

Just watched the fight again and i'm amazed Jon survived that. Last night I was just praying he would pull of some crazy ass armbar or triangle, or hit him with a huge right.

But after watching it again in a sober state, he just looked lost except for the 2nd round. Damn.

Anyways, can't wait for Jon's next fight, and am still a huge fan, if not more of one now.


Jon showed a TON of heart. I could not believe he just kept coming. After rd 1 I thought we were looking at a short night. Super impressive I want to see him fight Karo next!

He'd brow Karo down.

Fitch has a serious chin and a lot of heart. This loss will only make him a better fighter in the future.

DWNOMERCY -  nobody

Don't know if I've ever seen such a display of guts and will.

koscheck, hes another tough tough dude.

Tough guy, great dude.

 I think Diego has a better chin than Fitch, possibly better standup at this point, and is more dangerous off his back.

Anderson Silva could. In fact, GSP would probably be in tears.

I am not sure anyone could. For the future though, I would like to see Fitch/Karo and Alves/Diego.

Fitch has never been one of my favorite fighters, but damn do have a ton of respect for that guy after last night. He took a ton of punishment and just kept coming. I felt he could have stolen the fight at any moment with a one punch cuz he fought til the very end. What a warrior.

RampageBySlamKO - Anderson Silva could. In fact, GSP would probably be in tears.

I doubt Anderson Silva would cut to 170

GSP vs BJ Penn II should be very interesting.

I wonder.

umm...its tough, I'd like to mention diego, but he's never actually taken a beating even close to that in his career, so i can't assume, same with Kos.

actually on TUF, Diego probably gave Kos his worse beating, but Kos did go the distance.

NYBA can

 jon showed tons of heart. Noting to be ashamed of after that performance.

The only way GSP is going to lose is by a good (or lucky) shot to the chin.

PhilBaroni - I wonder.LOL, get em Phil! You def have the power to knock him out. I'd tune in for that fight.

How are you liking 170 by the way?