Hypothetically, who at MFS can beat Tito?

1) Pat Miletich: Although he has the edge in skill & experience Pat M. is too old and worn out to take Tito, Tito via searing G & P in the 2nd or 3rd due to Pat's great defensive guard.

2) Jens Pulver: May have a chance via sprawl & brawl, but with the weight difference I feel Tito would be too much, Tito by punishing G & P from full mount in the 2nd.

3) Bobby Lawler: Lawler would keep this on the feet for about 1 minute before he ended up on his back eating elbows from Ortiz. Ortiz once again by brutal G & P in the 1st.

4)Jeremy Horn: This would look like Ortiz/Sinosic, but would probably go quicker as Sinosic beat Horn in the 1st when they met. Ortiz by vicious G & P.

5) Matt Hughes: Probably the only person at MFS who could give Tito a run for his money. This would be a close fight with Tito most likely winning a JD after a gruelling G & P fest.

6) Tim Sylvia: This fight would be similar to Mir/Silvia, with Sylvia going in overconfident, but Tito DOES have the ability to put Sylvia on his back. Tito's submission ability is underrated, and he would most likely submit Sylvia with an armbar from the mount or side choke.

In summary, I truly believe that MFS do not have a fighter who can beat Tito in the cage. If anyone feels they can refute that, feel free to post and provide evidence to back up your statements as I have.


The Baron.

Why are you bringing up fighters out of the weight class. Horn could win...Hell I would bet Freakland would beat him...other than that, why compare way lighter or heavier fighters. BTW...Hughes handled Ortiz in Abu Dhabi, even though he lost on points. Your obviously biased toward Tito. Tito has had it handed it to him on his route to the belt. WHO HAS TITO BEAT RECENTLY in the top 10? Ken Shamrock...injured and past his prime. Matyushenko...a decision win. Tanner...not a top ten fighter in the LW division...and could possibly win if a rematch. Silva...Tito would get his ass handed to him by a much improved Silva. At least Chuck and Randy fought primed, top tier fighters. Tito ain't all that. Just a slick gimmick with the right promotion and backing. Hell his own stable mate Rampage would handle his ass!!! LOL

lol, I'm hardly biased towards Tito, just calling it as I see it.

"Tanner...not a top ten fighter in the LW division"

Why are you bringing up fighters in another weightclass then?

PS: The topic of this thread is who at MFS can beat Tito. MFS does not include Lee Murray who trains there on occasion and has clearly already beaten Tito, that is undeniable.

Tanner fights in both classes...he dropped to fight Baroni, but has fought Tito, ASSCLOWN!!!

tanner dropped down a weight coz he couldn't hang at LHW against the best and im sure this thread was regarding who in MFS could beat tito anyway

A whole crapload of KKM's on this thread...

I love your theory BaronvonKKM...

"4)Jeremy Horn: This would look like Ortiz/Sinosic, but would probably go quicker as Sinosic beat Horn in the 1st when they met. Ortiz by vicious G & P."

So I guess since Jeremy beat Chuck, and Chuck beat Tito....


Nice try, rookie...


I love your theory BaronvonKKM...

LOL @ BaronvonKKM !!!

I am a big Tito fan Baron but those fight breakdowns were a little silly.I hate to say it but Horn might be a little too much for tito.His only draw back was that he was too tentative at times but in all his recent fights he has been very aggressive and finished them all minus the Silva fight in which he was injured.Tim would be a tough matchup because of size and striking ability.Hughes did not "handle" Tito
in Abu Dhabi, Brother.He hung in there but was basically outwrestled by a guy who did'nt wrestle at the same level he did in college.Last but not least Baron,it's Robbie not Bobbie.

Sylvia, Eilers, Horn, & Hughes would all have a good shot.

JHR is correct


Jeremy Horn/Tito Ortiz has been a fight I've wanted to see for WAY too long. However, I it wont happen any time soon and probably will never happen in the UFC

LOL at Pulver lasting into round 2 with Tito. What is he going to do, run for 5 minutes? No offense to Jens, but he would be giving away too much size.

that was a pretty incorrect post cbreeze

"Sylvia: Juicer"

as are a shitload of other guys in this sport

"Frykland: Baby"

i dont know why you say baby. hothead maybe?

"Hughes: Snorfest"

i dont find hughes boring. i dont need a guy doing flying armbars to impress. hughes wins, so whatever works.

"Horn: Wannabe"

lol come the fuck on.. horn is a wannabe?

"Lawler: Is that 2 or 3 in a row?"

and? look who he has lost to... hes a young guy who can bang.

"Militech: Good guy that is having management problems, obviously"

why obviously? because he hasnt fought lately? for all we knoe hes just training people.


Why anyone would spend more than .065 seconds giving their opinion on Tito vs. Pat is beyond me.

In related news, I predict China would take Tibet in a land war.

Tim most likely. Horn stands a chance but Tito might win by decision or Gnp stoppage. Of the fighters that I know of, no one else at MFS could beat Tito due to his size and strength advantage. How could Jens at 150lbs match Tito at 205+ lbs, not realistic.

i would bet that horn would lose, but he still has a chance. all kinds of fighters have a chance.