Who dislikes Sylvia UG Poll

Who out there on the UG really dislikes Tim Sylvia? I say dislike because really hate is a bit of a strong word. I for one really dislike Tim for many reasons, too many too list. He worked very hard to regain the HWeight title I am not disputing that. This has nothing to do with way he fights or his work ethic.

My dislike for him comes from his horrible interviews where he comes off as a complete red neck. Actually telling people he crapped his pants in a fight he ended up winning anyways.(not really that smart of move)

Before I go on anymore I will put my vote in. I really dislike Tim Sylvia.

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He's a 6' 8" mongoloid with the personality of a dumb 10 year old shit talker.

I really like him :)

"with the personality of a dumb 10 year old shit talker."

Hey, people like Nick Diaz...

That's a better explanation o fhis personality, red neck doesn't do it justice.

Tim Sylvia is the 2 time UFC Heavyweight Champion.  I respect him as a fighter and like him too.  I stood and cheered when he stopped Arlovski.

Gary Hughes

I was kidding about the liking him part.

I hate his guts.

I sat next to Sylvia @ the UFC where Randy beat Randleman (Before Sylvia trained with Miletich) and he just wouldnt SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! He was also crowding my armrest during the whole event. I should have kicked his ass.

Hate Tim 3 Like Tim 1

Though I believe Gary Hughes and Tim are neighbors so his vote may not be allowed.

"I hate his guts."

I don't like Big Tim, but I like his guts. At least the part that he excreted through his anus against Silva. Shitting in the octagon is cool.

like him

Dont like him

I don't know that I'd call myself a "Sylvia fan," but I don't have anything against the guy. He's tough and trains hard, which I can totally respect.

I have my own opinions regarding who the UFC's worst HW champ has been, and Tim's nowhere close.

meh not a big fan of his really

takes another sip of Haterade

Tim wearing that belt is symbolism in action for the much maligned 'state of the HW division.' Brandon Vera is an exciting prospect, but I agree with a lot of people here in that 'The Truth' should try his hand at 205...

anyway, I hate Tim. but it's like Tito said after he beat Forrest, love him or hate him, you're still going to want to buy a ticket (or a PPV.)

hey now, take it easy on Trigg, BigRed.

like him

hes a nice guy, an overachiever and i dont judge a fighter on his build or haircut

like him

I don't like him.

dislike him

How many of you who hate Tim have actually met him? I hung out with him before and he is a cool guy in person.