Who do you think won? Silva/Hunt?

I personally loved the fight, and thought like Randy that the decision was BS.
Silva had a point for the weight disadvantage.
Silva had the superior positions and takedowns.
Hunt had the striking.
Aggresivness was about equal when you consider Silva had to back up at times to avoid walking into the power.
Silva finished stronger.

Silva should have won the decision. IMHO that is.

What do you all think so I can gauge how I and the rest of the people I watched it with measure with the UG.

The fans won in that fight.

Awesome fight with Silva earning the decision. But if Hunt had a month to prepare and Silva knew who he was going to fight? I think Hunt looks that good already. But Silva won that fight on my card the way it happened.

All i now is that Hunt didnt win it..
I think it was a draw.

Actually i think Silva should be the winner because Hunt outweighted Silva by 50 pounds and he got yellow card....

Silva dominated more but didnt do enough damage once he got the mount etc...

are you kidding? hunt clearly won by prides criteria? do you know their criteria? i think hunt did win the fight, but not the decision according to prides criteria. first off the fight was dead even, maybe slight advantage to hunt. but when i weighed in the weight advantage, i thought silva should get the decision. then when the yellow card came up, silva had it in the bag.

I think it was close enough to warrant a draw but you throw in the yellow card and the weight advantage and it becomes a clear win for Silva. I think Silva edged out R1, got whooped in R2 and rode out R3 for the decision.

xshanex... that is exactly what I would say. Was a rotten decision!

wow im really surprised that people thought that silva won

you guys have to remind yourself that this wasnt a ufc event - a reposting of Matt Humes lecture is a good idea

im a huge silva fan but theres no way he won that fight - the great thing about pride is that damage is scored so highly - silva got smashed in round two and didnt do anything effective in the third - sorry but sitting on mount for the last couple of minutes waiting for the round to end was hugely disappointing

all props go to silva for taking the fight and it was a classic - but thinking he won? no way imo

Hunt had a weight advantage that according to Pride criteria should have played to Silva's advantage. Also Hunt received a yellow card in the 3rd round. Is a yellow supposed to affect the decision at all?

IMO the fight was great, Silva showed that he can eat a punch and still fight. That armbar attempt was incredible as fast as it came after he was hit two times by Hunt. That fight was as close to a draw as a fight can be. Due to Hunt's weight advantage and Silva's aggression, I would have given the fight to Silva, but a draw may be more accurate. Can wait to watch it again.

"Weight advantage and yellow cards are the two categories least heavily considered in the judging. Attempts to finish is first, weighted more heavily than anyone else."

i wish that was the case in the past. if it was, i wouldnt be arguing right now. but go and watch matsui-pele, when pele damn near knocked matsui out EXACTLY like hunt did to silva (theres your attempt to finish the fight- on PELEs part), yet matsui go the decision somehow, apparently because of the yellow card. now explain to me how silva lost this fight, after hunt got a yellow card. hey, im only using prides decisions from the past here, can you disagree with that? matsui got the decision because hes japanese, hunt got the decision because pride wanted silva to finaly lose, face it. i wish it wasnt the case, but it is.

and by the way, wasnt it hume that gave the one decision to silva? i might be wrong, but I thought it was??

According the Pride's judging criteria, I think Hunt won for the damage.

HOWEVER.. i don't agree with Pride's judging criteria, so in other words i believe Silva was the better fighter that night.

Vanderlei lived up to my every expectation in this fight. Overwhelmed by weight and power, the man still put on a hell of a performance. Hunt is only going to get better if he sticks with MMA and will be very dangerous. I think the judges give a LOT of weight to a punch that rocks your opponent. Hunt certainly got Vandy's attention,even when he didn't land very solidly,but when he did,Damn! I don't remember ever seeing a " holy shit,that hurt!" look on Silva's face before,but I saw it tonight.

Honestly, I think a draw was the right outcome in this one. I don't really think Hunt won decisively.

I guess the only thing to do is have them fight a couple more times. Best two outta three,baby!

The fans win. ;)

I didn't know they actually calculated weight advantage. That's cool...but I thought silva should have won, too. It was a close fight...I think he's better, so it bugged me to see him lose. oh well...

The fans always win since they get to watch in the comfort of their chairs. :)

Not considering the weight issue and yellow card, I'd give Silva a very slight edge. Taking them into account, Silva totally won. I think Silva screwed himself by not doing shit when on top. The judges really punished him for that.

I thought Silva won the fight without even taking into account the weight advantage and yellow card. I was shocked when the decision was announced (as was Mark Hunt, judging from the look on his face). Not only did I think Silva won the fight, but I figured Pride would definitely give Silva some extra points for being their champion. I'm not sure how that decision came about. Very confusing.

I read Silva waved the weight advantage rule so maybe it is his own fault he lost. He probably didn`t want to win that way.

"but I figured Pride would definitely give Silva some extra points for being their champion."

  • that would kinda dispell the Little Shit Wanna-be Conspiracy that "the sissy Japs" that were bitter of losing to Silva could only get back at Silva this way.

"read Silva waved the weight advantage rule so maybe it is his own fault he lost. He probably didn`t want to win that way."

  • YOU READ THAT ZERO HORIZON? You'd better be sure about your so-called scoring system if you arent even certain of how they actually were.

I dunno, Silva did get the takedowns and position but hardly did anything with it. Hunt escaped at least 3 good sub attempts beautifully and like a seasoned MMA pro, Im shocked!

hunt won the fight...it does not matter what we think. however like donmega said i think silva should have been given consideration for the weight difference

I hope that I can lend to insight into this.  After being there and watching the fight I feel that Hunt was is controll and landed the power shots as well as pushing the action.  The gereneral feeling her was that Hunt won.  He had three could escapes and landed all the power shots.  Pride does score things differently and does not have draws, I would like to see a K1 style rule where they would fight an additional round if a decision could not be reached. 

Also remember Silve was training to fight a match even though it was not Mark Hunt.  How hard was Hunt trainging up untill five days ago when he stepped in?

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