Who even wants to be an MMA fighter nowadays?

It’s funny, because back in the day people bitched and moaned about the high level wrestlers who were essentially athletes coming in and dominating the sport. Anyone remember that?

Same was said about GSP, “He’s just an athlete. Not a real fighter.”

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The reason the cards appear watered down is there are so many up and coming fighters that it’s impossible to keep up with them. But that doesn’t take away from their skill level.

Most of the guys who make it to a prelim card in UFC has dominated their local and regional scene.

I’m going to try and steer him away as he gets older but I think it’s a lost cause lol I know from first hand experience what the game can leave you with and I don’t want him to deal with that. I fought because I didn’t have any other options . Him on the oter hand , between his mother and I set him and his siblings up pretty nice . He just really has a passion for mma which I can appreciate.

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If you were to say the skill level now is as high as it’s ever been I would have to say no, it is not.

If you say that it’s at a high level, sure, overall, it’s up there but not as high as it has been in the past as it’s not required as much.

Athleticism and stamina have become the new high water marks for fighters.

It’s who can cut the most weight without drawbacks and still perform.

What time frame do you think the peak of “skill” was at then?

This is something I’d have to think about.

I have not sat down and thought about when the peak of skill was vs the rise of the athleticism.

I’m talking about an overall continuum.

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So you’re saying become an A list celebrity then box is a better option?

It is if the main goal is making money

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