Who here trains at ATT?

not pro fighters, but just your ordinary UG'ers.

how do you guys like it? the facilities are awesome, i know that, just wondering on how you like the training/coaching.

also, is it affordable for your average person?

If you can afford to move/live close enough to go, and afford eating and living i'd do it.

Whether you are a top ranked fighter or just starting out,the training is top notch. All the ATT gyms are great , but the gym in Coconut Creek is the mecca.


LocalHero is correct.

as far as mma, i'm just starting out. but i wrestled d2 at carson newman.

thanks for the ttt guys.

edit, double post.

kse50 - Hope I can shed some light on our programs and what we have to offer.

We have some of the best instructors in the game teaching our regular Adult classes. These are the same instructors who teach our pro mma fighters.

Our BJJ classes are taught by World Champions. Marcus "Parrumpinha" Da Matta teaches mornings, and Ricardo Liborio teaches at night along with Emyr "Tubarao" Bussad and a few other black belts to ensure you are getting the proper attention. We train both Gi and No-Gi and have quite a few high level wrestlers to work with and help out. I can't say enough about  Liborio, Parrumpinha, and Shark as instructors. They are great teachers who care about their students.

Boxing classes are taught by Olympic Gold Medalist (1976) Howard Davis Jr., and our Muay Thai classes are run by Christian Toleque.

We also offer MMA classes that are taught by guys who have actual UFC experience - Thiago "Pitbull" Alves and Jorge Santiago. They are both awesome instructors. Btw, we offer the MMA classes free when enrolled in one of the other programs!

We keep our prices very affordable so the average person interested in training can do so without it hurting his wallet.  Whether you are looking to stay in shape or have more competitive aspirations in mind, I'm sure we can help you out. We have a great group of training partners to work with, and keep a family atmoshpere at the gym.

Best of luck to you!


If you are ever in the area please feel free to stop by and check us out.
4631 Johnson Road - Coconut Creek, FL. 33073


YO ATT just wondering if you guys have any plans of getting a school going in Jaxs FL, alot of opportunities up hear
Please come up hear!!!!!

thanks ATT,

and TOWE, that was actually funny.

ttt good responses

your with ATT charles? i thought you were with FFA? your on their website?

regardless. thanks for the ttt.

EDIT: your at the boca raton school with cole. i didnt know that.

Great School with top notch instruction.

kse: feel free to drop in any time. I have been with ATT for over 2 years and the environment provided to both the fighters and the students is second to none.

ttt ATT!!!

I haven't yet been able to check out the one here in MO, but I know a few of the guys and they ALWAYS win their fights. Top notch camp.


best school in the USA


cmon stop playing around.

everyone knows that they don't train at ATT.

They just do this...