Who invented Belt Whipping in BJJ?

i know it tends to be the "casca grosa" style teams that do it, but who first introduced the practice of belt whipping for newly promoted grades?

They do that in lots of martial arts so it is probably pretty old.

Kano, he had some weird S&M fetish...

"Ghey...rather do a shark tank and get my ass kicked."

Some schools do both. 

"Some schools do both."


My instructor mentioned only same level as just promoted to or higher may "whip" newly promoted student. If you're into that sort of thing...

I had to running the whipping gauntlet for being late to class too often!!

I think it's stupid and moronic but it's not my school.

I thought it was supposed to be a friendly slap, but the people at our academy are pretty brutal when they do it. We're lucky we don't practice sword fighting and have to run a gauntlet of swords - no one would survive.


ive seen some people wind up like they are barry bonds at
the whipping.

thank god i dont have to do this. i would want my femininity to show to the class as i cried like a girl.

When I got my blue I had to walk through twice at one of the belt promotion days. There were quite a few people there, and I still remember the two or three that put forth that bit of extra effor to try and hit me really hard. It's one thing to hit someone, and I have no problem with one of my buddies doing it, but when some snot nosed white belt does it... that's when it's gonna be fun to roll with him. To bad the little punk will probably never get his blue or any other color.

I remember when my buddy was promoted to brown he had to walk through 4 times... n' he took the gi top off. No running... walking!!! What's up with these guys running through?

I have been to two schools that did the whippings. One let you wear your gi top, but you had to walk through the lines slowly. The other was without your gi top, but you could run.

I think its always two runs for blue. Then i think its normally an extra run for each belt you go up. Is that how it is done at your school?

Each time only the higher belts got to judo throw the person being promoted.

I have seen people tie knots in their belts, but never seen anyone soak their belt in water hahaha that would sting.

at our place its only for purples and above. you get to wear your jacket and you only go through once. although you have to crawl on all fours.

I hear some places are even more extreme - like this one where they choke you out to the point where you'll get a tiny bit of temporary memory loss, cover you in vaseline and turn off all the lights and when you wake up in the complete dark all confused all you can hear in the background is some creepy banjo...

Belt whip -bad, handshake and a congrats -good

At my school it's no shirt whatsoever, skin. And you can jog through. The only guy who hit me at full strength was the black belt teacher, man did he whallop me hard.

Back in my TMA days one of my instructors would give ya a no to gentle whack across the face or head when he promoted you.

At andre's school they shave ur calves