Who is ObiWanJabrony???

this is bizarre, I noticed he ttt'd a couple of my threads over the past few days, but now when I click on 'My Threads' I have a load of threads that I haven't added to, but he has. I'm guessing by his contributions he has one of those weird old keyboards that only has the letter 'T' on it, as that's all he writes, so I don't expect him to be able to explain this mystery, but anyone else have any ideas why he's now in 'My threads'??

Do you think he might be me, but I don't know it because I'm a schizo? I also found my girlfriends head in the fridge yesterday and I'm racking my brains as to how it got there, I certainly don't remember...

nah, probably just some newbie or KKM who knows that we don't give a fuck what he says until he hits 1000 posts, so he's going to a bunch of the smaller sub boards and ttt'ing everything. he did the entire pro-wrestling board recently. Either way, he's a tard.


goo threads, fair do's, but I'm talking about MY threads, which are normally on the the stupid side of retarded.


"probably just some newbie or KKM"

KKM was a uniquely intelligent and entertaining forum member. We're poorer for his absence.

I disagree. Not that he's not intelligent, but I sure don't miss the little scum sucker.

funny name for a kkm