Who is the 4th GOAT?

If Anderson, GSP and Fedor make up the top 3.....

Who comes in at 4th?

BJ Penn?


Matt Hughes?


 Nogueira, Hughes, or Hendo 

 BJ I guess, maybe Hendo

I'm gonna vote for Penn.

Gracie crushin' Sak.

BJ Penn, amazing natural talent.

Shogun, BJ Phone Post

Damn, that's tuff. I have to say bj I think. He beat a list of bad asses. But so did everyone else. If he does good in the next two years surely he will earn a place in the all time bracket. Phone Post


Noguiera, sakuraba, or couture. Phone Post

bj Penn is the goat till silva gets another belt ( witch he could easily) IMO Phone Post

 Who is #2 should be the question.

32m - BJ.

Who else is NOT scared to move up in weight? Nuff said.

185er/205er Hendo beat Yvel, Big Nog and Sobral in the same night at HW to win the Rings King of Kings in 2000. Oh yeah, didn't he also just beat Fedor?

They are both former champs at multiple weights but Hendo has won more tournaments, so my vote is for him.

frankiscool -  Who is #2 should be the question.

 GSP imo

Nog is 4th imo, but could understand Hendo in that place. Hughes is right after them

Saku, Shogun, Penn, and Fitch round out the round top 10 in no particular order.


Shogun Phone Post


Hendo/Saku/Big Nog < any of those 3


has always faced the best, never ducked anyone, fought above his weight numerous times(and won)