Who is the best Grappler?

Are you the best Grappler @ 150 - 170, do you know who is?

Submit Gear

 will host an 8 man winner take all Tournament in conjunction with the C3 Grappling Tournament!

There will be no entry fee, $1000 cash prize, Abu Dhabi Rules, Weigh in on the mat!

If you think you are the best, send me your bio and stats too president@submit-gear.com


C3 Grappling Tournament



you should get Jay Herion for this!

you should get OMA for this (i think he can gain the 15 lbs. to get to 150).


OMA drop me a line!!!


I agree, Jay Hieron has been on a ridiculous tear and would an awesome addition to this tournament.



jay hieron is really good, but if someone like baret yoshida enters he will lose. Dont get me wrong I like jay though


dude, jay would beat baret. his skillz are highly underrated. he's a badass on the mat.


IMO Jay would have no problem getting past Baret. Baret has a tough time against wrestlers and Jay is an AWESOME wrestler. Jay would beat him HANDS DOWN!



Dave Ginsberg....hands down.

I'm not sure if he's healthy, but he owns all if he's healthy.


Anbody know if ginsberg is healthy?

I sent a resume in. Did you get it?

James Clingerman