Who Should Gordon Ryan face next?

Lol at Rickson ever fighting him unless he knew he could win


Gordon says he won’t fight Kaynan outside of a tournament. It’s bc of the bullshit w Kaynan not allowing the footage of their rolls from the 2019 Modolfo camp being released. Gordon pledged all his proceeds to a veterans charity but Kaynan still wouldn’t do it.

I would like to see a Joao Gabriel Rocha rematch


He’ll probably never be as good as him, but his attributes are so exceptional he can get good enough to beat Gordon, especially ADCC rules

I question Nicky Rods commitment to getting better. Not sure he will put himself in those position where he gets humbled in train enough to learn. He had two very poor performances prior to a pretty good adcc. I didn’t see huge growth from him like you’d expect from a inexperienced guy like him.

Note: passing Peña’s guard was impressive though

His attributes didn’t help him at all on Sunday against Gordon. No amount of explosiveness or spazziness will overcome Gordon’s technical prowess.

Nicky has his go-to moves and doesn’t seem to adapt well on the fly when they don’t work. Shut those moves down and he struggles.

Yep he cost Gordon money, he was planning on releasing another dvd with commentary on his rolls at the camp. So because of that he doesn’t want him making money off of a match with him.

That and Gordon is good friends with Mo and he put all of the guys up for the whole camp and met all of their needs they had, but knowing that the rolls were going to be recorded and later released on a dvd and for Kaynan to change his mind last minute about the footage being released probably made the whole camp a loss financially(even though Mo is loaded)

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If he can survive and drag him into the points time if could be a real problem for Gordon.

The only advantages Nicky has are strength, speed, and takedowns, and Gordon nullified all of them by happily giving up the takedown. Nicky is gonna have to change his whole approach to BJJ to hope to have a chance against Gordon in the future, and even then he’ll be playing catch up.


Kaynan. He looked formidable at this recent ADCC.

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Nicky has absolutely zero for Gordon. I think that was already proven.

I’d like to see Gordon maul Pena without Pena just giving up like a bitch.


Gordon beat him and made it look like absolutely nothing. Why are we discussing this?

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Exactly. It’s not like we haven’t seen this happen already. Why are we talking about some imaginary powers Nicky Rod might develop?

All he has to do is not get subbed for twice the amount that he did this time around and then manage to not get subbed again and mount an offense. It won’t happen….but can you imagine?

Jesus fellas. I didn’t think saying the adcc silver medalist at 99+ having a shot at beating someone in a BJJ match would draw such a response lol.


Gordon is an absurd talent, may never be another like him, not in my lifetime anyway, but…

…it will all be for show until he proves himself in the mma world, which is why Buchecha is on track to be the true GOAT if he can keep it up and be a better mma fighter than Roger turned out to be. Fighting actual fighters like Rickson never did, actually fighting like Gordon doesn’t seem to want to do.

I want to be wrong and have him go into mma, but he knows in that world Buchecha and Galvao would fucking murder him, so he never will.

Sub or jacket wrestle all you want, until you prove you can use it in the closest thing we have to actual professional fighting you’re still riding with training wheels on.

MMA is a completely different sport than BJJ or submission wrestling. Gordon is the GOAT at no-gi submission wrestling. That’s all anyone is claiming. This stuff about MMA keeps coming up and is pretty silly.


This is nothing. I’m still walking funny when, over three years ago, r I suggested that guys like Hinger, who are competing at the highest levels, shouldn’t be competing in master’s world’s and master’s division should be left for has beens and pedestrian black belts, not top of the food chain competitiors. No one suggested that you never post again and that you should quit jiu jitsu and kill yourself. You got off easy.

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I should probably quit BJJ and kill myself, in fairness

But I agree about masters. Early 30’s should be trying to win adult imo. Maybe we’ll see more of that now that adult allows reaping and heel hooks no gi and masters doesn’t.