Who Should Gordon Ryan face next?

I’m pretty sure you just signed your own death warrant by agreeing with me.

I think that the person best positioned to beat Gordon other than Gordon is someone not on the scene yet. I think Gordon toys with every one of the top competitors that we’ve heard of

I’ll bet one of the Ruotolo twins within 5 years. Particularly if they juice up.

It’ll be one of those “Avenging their master” deals.

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Yet it keeps coming up… wonder why?

Because I’m right, that’s why.


It keeps coming up because young guys think all combat sports champions must transition to MMA in order to truly prove they are the toughest/best fighters in the world. Lots of people in the world don’t care about that or MMA anymore.

This is a retarded perspective. You realize this is the bjj forum right? It seems like you don’t. No one ever said he was the goat mma bjj fighter.

The only BJJ athletes I insist fight MMA to prove themselves are the ones whose games are so sport-oriented that I think they’ve lost sight of what BJJ is. Gordon’s never shown anything that wouldn’t translate well to MMA, and in fact most of his game would do quite well. So he’s exempt.

I mean, that’s not true at all. He plays a ton of seated guard and relies mostly on collar ties for takedowns. Neither of those work in mma.

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Collar ties don’t work?

Gordon’s style of collar tie and underhook based clinching reminds me a lot of Randy’s.

Seated guard, sure.

But clinch based takedown games work well in MMA, especially at the higher weight classes where Gordon would be

He doesn’t have a clinch based game, he has a collar tie based game and it’s nothing like Randy’s at all. Collar ties do not work in mma.

I think you guys are missing an important point. Gordon doesn’t need to do MMA. The point was to climb to the top of submission grappling and help establish it as a legitimate sport. He did that. Plus, he probably makes more money than a lot of UFC fighters now too. What’s the motivation?

I personally don’t think he has the attributes for MMA. Grappling yes, but that is only part of it.