Who U wouldnt want to streetfight

yeah..parrish sounds pretty bad ass, so not him. cause he said so

Mark Coleman seems to be unstable at times...

hmmmm, I'm only about 200lbs's but i don't think i'd want to square off with any pro mma fighter on a "bad day in a an alley" but i guess that why i's such a pussy :0

KID, Pele, Vandy

Bas Rutten is quite dangerous in a FightSport interview, he was stopping a guy in Holland hitting women in the club, he hit Bas, Bas flipped out and went crazy, RNC the guy, gave him two inverted heal hooks, and away to the hospital, poor bastard.

Thomas Denny

(He might bring up his past)

A drunk and prime Bas Rutten. Bas is nutz when he is drunk. He KO a toilet for fun once.

Any Dutchman. Those guys do vicious shit even with rules in place.

Randleman, Coleman, Silva.

Fedor. How the hell would you hurt him without a weapon?

Hey! I got 3 votes. Does that make me as dangerous as Rampage and Bas? I think im getting good at this self promoting thing. hahaha

Fedor, his punches would kill me

I'd say anyone who ever fought in the UFC or Pride. Except for Art Jimmerson - the one gloved boxer - and that French guy who turtled against Saku the whole fight.

Tank Abbott.

Think about it. Most fighters are trained professionals. They know when they've won and when to stop.

Tank won all off his fights by shear aggression. I would rather fight Sak, Vov, Coleman, any Gracie, anyone, besides Tank.

I still think back to when he "lost" to Oleg. Yeah. Oleg got the win . . . and then spent the next 4 or 5 days in the hosptital. Tank went to a bar.

Ryan Gracie, because he's psychotic and may actually kill me.

Kid Yammamoto, he may not be the most physically intimidating person but he is unstable as hell and would continue beating on you with his vicious ground and pound.

Isn't he just over 4 ft tall?

lol @ twizzle

All of the guys mentioned including Tank would stop short of killing you when you are beaten.

'"Ryan Gracie, because he's psychotic and may actually kill me."

Do you realize that you have now given Ryan a reason to kill you?'


I'm actually a big Ryan fan, and I don't think he's anywhere near as bad mentally as most seem to think. But I aint stupid, and wouldn't fuck with him.