Who uses "Glutamine"

Is it in your staple supplements? (mine are only vitamin/mineral, whey protein, creatine, fish oil, glucosamine)..focus more on good food.

Or do you view it as one of those things that have marginal benefit?

Also, whats the deal with CLA? (said in my best Seinfeld voice)

I took glutamine when I was extremely ill with the flu (first time I had the flu in 14 years, I rarely get sick). I can't stress how much better I felt after taking it. Either the glutamine worked or the flu had run its course, it's hard to be sure.

I still have some left so I take it before and after training, also before bed.

 I take large doses of glutamine either before really hard weight cutting cardio, or after I train weights and am getting sore.  Works wonders.  It's one of the few supplements that I actually notice.

I tried it for a few months. I noticed it did help. But then I read the label of my Whey Protein & saw that it had the same amount of glutamine. So I stopped buying glutamine & supplemented my post workout meal with a protein shake.

i do. Few pro BBers i know dont, they get theres from mass amounts of protein powders (50g serves a few times a day) - but they so its only godd for immune support, which is agood enough reason for me to take it!

TOEISM is correct. You get all the glutamine your body needs/can absorb from a whey shake. Supplementing with glutamine is a waste of money. In the form of a glutamine supp, it is broken down long before it can do any good anyway.

I just upped a thread about ruducing soreness that has some good links about glutamine in it. Changed my opinion and saved me some money, you might want to check it out.

 I take a multvitamins, 3-6-9 fish oil caps, and glutamine.  I should incorporate a protein powder with glutamine in it though. But that shit helped me out. I have noticed significant improvements in regards to how long i can go and in reducing soreness.

oh and every now and then i'll take some beta-alanine.


I used to take it while training extra hard, cutting or whatever, because it was supposed to help immune-function, I think the verdict came back bad on that one though.

For glutamine to work you need huge doses. Charles Poliquin recommends 20 to 60 grams in dose! Thats expensive. I rather use BCAA to help with recovery instead. Again, its in some whey shakes but i take a large dose also. I get about 30 grams of BCAA a day.

 damn, i was feeling good after taking 8 grams a dose.  20-60 sounds ridiculous;y expensive.

i'll be sure to pick up BCAA next time i go supplement shopping.

 Charles Poliquin recommends such a high dose because he's trying to sell it.  Glutamine supplementation does not do shit.  Dave Barr, who strangely enough writes many articles for the same site but also has his own site, has done numerous studies on it.  RaisetheBarr is his site.  Look into it and stop wasting money on glutamine.