Who Wins the Rematch? (Video)

The Rematch

tanner wins via those vicious elbows....again

Baroni by Haymaker

Good promo but I still like to hear Baroni talk--


I am telling you--  Let Baroni talk and then let Lindland speak for Tanner--


Also-- lets see promo's for the Hughes fight and for Trigg/Hallmans fight!

Does anyone else think Baroni is an arm puncher or maybe it was just in that clip?

Gary Hughes

Baroni is an arm puncher. But he got some big ass arms...


Tanner !!!

Arm puncher or not. Baroni has some SERIOUS power!

I love that Video!!!



I always thought Baroni's punching power was over rated, but that clip didn't make his punches look very sharp.

BTW, I didn't say I would want Baroni to hit me, it's just he could punch so much harder if his technique was better. George Foreman was also an arm puncher and he could punch very, very hard.

Gary Hughes

For all his stupid antics and the shit Baroni talks I give the guy credit for having heart. Maybe it's pride, but I think he'd rather have his arms broken and his face smashed in rather than tap.

There is more pressure on Baroni to pull this one out, and I think he will. His back is against the wall to win this, and his career and reputation as a serious fighter depends on it.

Combining his god given genetics and natural athleticism w/ his new training (w/ Enson I recall), I'm pretty sure Baroni will end this one KO style.


He took some pretty hard elbows from Tanner and a hard knee from Suloev and wanted more. One thing I will say about him is that there is no quit in the guy.

Who fucking cares, we already saw that fight. Yawn.

Why all the criticism on baronis punching he clearly was using tanner as a heavy bag yet no one mentions how horrible tanners standup looked. Baroni will win this one. Tanner cant hurt him.

I try for the unexpected.

Baroni will finish this time.

That is all.