Who wins Ultimate Ultimate 1993 ? ? ?

this is from a thread a while back, thought I'd bump it up for the noobs....Here is the tournament brackets, people are kind of split on this tourney....Pick the winner:





By the way though, fess up guys. How many of you honestly don't even know who every single one of those guys are?

well I know the 2nd one down on the left is Bobby Southworth,
and the 3rd one down on the right is obviously Shonnie Carter.

this is probably Mike Tyson before Vanessa Williams so he would win.


Rickson by armbar

My vote goes to Vov.

Karelin and no I don't know three of them but still Karelin.
To big and to good of wrestler.

Rickson and Karelin really should be on opposite sides of the bracket. Although to be honest I would not be to surprised if at that point Nastula could pull an upset over Rickson. Rickson would win more if it was round robin, but Nastula seems like a horrid matchup for him.

rickson by armbar

is actually the correct answer here, for once.

Victor Zangiev Rickson Gracie??? Igor VovchanchynMike Tyson ???Alexander Karelin ???Who am I missing?

I tried to put those in order....FAIL

I don't see Rickson beating Karelin, but either way he certainly doesn't beat Vov

I think some of you guys are overrating Igor. If this was 1998 Igor, he would be one of the favorites to win. 1993 Igor would not do nearly as good though. In a lot of his early performances he let guys get into controlling positions to easily. I think all the grapplers would take him out.



The favorite would be....errr.....Rickson maybe?? But karelin ? Although mainstream would say Tyson would own this....

So this would be the greatest MMA tourney in the history of OLD SCHOOL...


you stupid noobs

top left is Dave Shultz, US olympic wrestler

bottom right is Armenian Gokor Chivchanyn, the original "Bro do you know who i am??"

bottom left is karelin obviously

top right. . . is that Andy Hug? I think that's Andy Hug. He's a karate/kickboxing badass.

top right is Nastula...Judo Badass who gave Nogueria and Barnett decent fights 12 years past his prime and with little MMA training.

oh shit i think ur right, that is Nastula

although it looks like Hug too imo

 Karelin, unless we found out that he had a complete glass jaw.