Whole Foods Question?

Like i stated earlier im doing this project on the Alkaline diet and was wondering if i could pick up some stuff like Randy Coutures Green drink mix. I need some Asap. Just wondering if you guys could recomend anything for me to buy.

Also does anyone know who was the founder of the Alkaline Diet and when was it founded? thanks


You can find the stuff here: http://www.cheapboxing.com/lightforce.html

An interview with the doctor is here: http://www.boxinginsider.com/mma/stories/67900610.php


So I see you've decided to ignore everything we talked about on the previous two threads?

Enjoy your fad.

What's wrong with eating green leafy vegetables?

They're harder to sell as a gimmicky, overpriced product.

Know man i havent ignored it. I was doing a project on it. Whether it works or not, i still had to do the project on it.

Ah ok, didn't know that. Go with it.

Yeah Jonwell you big meany!


Can someone link the previous threads.

I just read the Team Quest Training Systems program as well as an article on Dan Johns Get Up newsletter about whole food vitamins.

Needless to say I'm eating more green food, more nuts, and doing my damnedest to decrease my alcohol and soda intake and increase my water intake.

Unfortuneately like most times in my life when I get something right something else suffers.

comin up brother Mule.


Thanks Jonwell.