Who's Going To See Rocky Today?

Opening Day for Rocky Balboa.  Who's going to see it?



^ Get your ass there or I'll JUDO you.

lol nice

I think i will jus watch rickson Gracie "Choke"

But I heard that Rocky is sapposed to be good

Saw the premiere on Monday which was sponsored by my gym KnuckleUp in Atlanta. I enjoyed it. It was actually really good.

Just for the double buttered popcorn and twizzlers!! Part of my secret diet.

It is getting great reveiws.

Best since the original.

I can't wait to see it. I needed a better final Rocky than V.

We all owe it to RockY!!

preodered my seats for friday!

I just want to hear that fucking song..... one last time.....

a group of eight of my friends and i are going

I am going to the first showing, playing hooky from work

Hell yes!

"Not paying $10 to see a 5'7" 60 year old "boxer". "


Definately going tonight!! Been a Rocky fan for a long time. I even have the theme song set as my ring tone.

Going to a 10pm movie after training... can't wait.


It is getting great reveiws across the country.

The Rocky movies are awesome, of course with the exception of maybe 2 of them.

I am pumped as hell to see this movie and am so glad that Rocky is getting another shot to end the series on a better note.

I'm going to the 1st show.

"I am going to the first showing, playing hooky from work"

Then consider yourself fired mister!