Who's on TUF 4?

supposedly TUF 4 is for former UFC fighters to come back and take another crack at it. I heard a strong rumor today about a fighter who's supposedly already agreed to do it, and i was just wondering if you guys had any idea who might be on it or not.

i know its early

I know of a few.

lol, so does anyone want to speculate and name some names?

other than the guy i actually heard, i'd really like to see Eugene Jackson and Tim Lajick back in there

Isn't Jermaine Andre saying he's in?

that would be cool. lance gibson would be another good one

Jason, is it Robbie Lawler?

that's not the one i heard, no

oh yeah, Weez isn't the one i heard either, but i definately think he needs another chance at the UFC

Sakuraba, Silva, Rampage

They have to get Ricco Rodriguez. Fat or otherwise.

Fat Ricco would be awesome!

last i heard Ricco was like 330. the UFC HW limit is 265, so i think he's out of the question. if he can make 265, i think he'd be good to have back

i think they don't want to hype people who aren't signed just cause it doesn't make business sense to promote people you don't have in your employ

YOu have to love the nickname, "Fat Ricco."

They should put on guys who can still compete like Fulton

ttt Fat Ricco

I myself would love to see Mikey Burnett back in action!

It'll be the heavies turn so who else but Tank of course!

They should put 16 lightweights in the house.

Do you guys think I should post the x-ray of Wiez's back? It was broken when he beat Wade Shipp in UFC 47.