Whos picking KONDO???

I am

Kondo by KO

Anything can happen in MMA as we've just seen.

However, 90% chance of Silva Ko'ing Kondo.

I think Kondo will win. I really like Silva though so I actually hope he wins.

I'll be cheering for Kondo, ttt for the flying knee!

Kondo should be fighting at 185 IMO...

I dont think Silva will finish him...

It will end up being a battle of the chins - and Kondo will win!

Matt is correct in 59 fights Kondo has never been KO'd


Silva IS bigger, he has more bulk than Kondo, you can tell by their arm sizes. Doesn't matter though, because Kondo has a solid chin, and Silva doesn't.

There always has to be a first.

I'm picking Kondo to upset Silva as well.

Yuki Kondo via ref. stoppage.

silva. but i hope kondo wins

This is the biggest chance Japan has had for a champ in a while. I *think* I want Silva to win, but then it would be interesting to see if Kondo can submit or KO Silva, who is p4p the best in the world.