Why did you make a UG account?

Well, what got you here? Did seeing all of the trolls make you want an account? Did you get in when there were still tons of UFC fighters posting? Did Joe Rogan make you do it? Story time UG.

I heard Joe Rogan mention it on the JRE and saw a thread for free mouthguards, so I made an account. It never came in the mail, and I've been stuck down here ever since.

To learn more and contribute some stuff Phone Post 3.0

I started off buying magazines to keep up with what was going on, my brother and I would go through easy $30 a week.

After watching a BJ Penn fight, he told Joe "if you wanna know how I feel, go to BJ penn.com" and from there I found the UG.

At the time the UG was a far far better place to learn and discuss mma, haven't been back since. Phone Post 3.0

Breaking news, but now also for entertainment

It came up in a yahoo search when I searched NHB.

Rogan, then I lurked for a couple years before signing up. I signed up so I could see poll results.

Was a member at subfighter.com for several years, and there was a thread about this place.

Lurked for many years before signing up. Phone Post 3.0

I wonder if there are many former subfighter.com members here?

That place turned into a disaster in its final months.. Phone Post 3.0

I heard Joe talking about it while commentating and decided to check it out. I joined up so I could discuss mma with people who love it. None of my mates are anything more than very casual fans so it was awesome being able to converse about it with people who knew what you were on about Phone Post 3.0

I got tired of creepin, 

I cant remember how I heard about it actually.

I didn't join to take part I joined to take over. Phone Post 3.0

Not sure how I came upon it. Just over 8 years now. Phone Post 3.0

I lurked on most MMA forums but was active for years on Figtlinker and those types. Fightlinker closed and it was here or Sherdog. That choice was easy to make.

To read and share MMA opinions, jokes, stories.
Knowing that there are dumber ppl than me makes me feel better everytime I go here.

I also loved boobs.

I learned they had a non-framed version.

To complain about the reffing in a NAGA match when I was 13.

Entertaining discussions/threads, great people, also I have competed as a fighter myself. I was lurking for years and decided to join the fun recently. This is definitely better than any social media I've had. Phone Post 3.0

Left sherdog for this... Phone Post 3.0

I joined in 98. There were no trolls then.
When they came, I thought people were referencing little monsters. Phone Post 3.0

A poster said he'd pay $100 to anyone who could convince him that Chael took testosterone as a PED and not a legitimate medical treatment. I made my account so I could post and hopefully get the money.