Why do fighter break there legs like that?

Are they using some kind of “ supplements “ that causes bone density to decrease or is it a common thing?

After the Weidman injury Conor himself tweeted that sometimes fighters do too much kicks in practice. That’s a lot of wear and tear on the bone

This wasn’t a shin break from a checked kick. This was an ankle break from coming down with all his weight on the side of his ankle.

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No. It is a complete freak accident. Of the shit ton of MMA fights that happen around the world weekly, how often does that happen? Almost never.

You are more likely to get struck by lightning.

Then why was his shin broken if it was an ankle break?

It wasn’t.


Shin break or complete ankle dislocation is semantics. A complete freak accident.

I enjoy dick as much as the OP:

“Drop foot” from a calf kick.

Nope, Conor broke his leg just above his ankle by checking the kick wrong.

Stu Cazzo said Conor’s leg was probably numb from the previous kicks leading to him stepping wrong

So it was a dislocated ankle? From that little force? I’ll have to watch again

I have yet to see or hear results, but based off of my OG and UG research someone got kicked in the dick and blew out both ankles, shattering both knees on the way down

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I thought it looked like he slipped on the ad on the mat when he threw the punch.

Really, Rogan is saying otherwise on the broadcast, like multiple times. Now broadcasting clips are showing it now in the replays.

In any case, Conor injured his leg due to getting struck or a failed parry attempt. This wasn’t a freak accident. TKO by Dustin.

Was it a freak accident when It happened to Micheal Chandler too?

That was a lower leg break. Just above the ankle.

I’ll wait for the full diagnosis but that’s a little high for the ankle. Looks like it was unstable with how he was trying to place his foot right before it completely gave out.

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Yup. Thats not a broken ankle from stepping back the wrong way.

That’s a broken shin from a checked kick.

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Looks too high to be an ankle