Why is Josh Barnett top-10?

He beat a much-smaller Couture to be UFC HW champ before the steroids scandal, and ever since then, he's always ranked in the top-10. Why?

He's 1-1 in '04 (after getting submitted by a striker).

IMO Barnett needs to work his way back into the top 10. Some people even have him listed in top 5. WTF????

For the same reason Sak is #2 or 3 on some scales. People tend to remember huge wins, and count that forever in time. I dont think he belongs in top 10 anymore simply because he hasnt been fighting enough to stay in there (Barnet).

Barnett's top-ten period fell between the time he beat Couture and the time his steroid-scandal became exposed....about less than a week.

Most Overated Eva...

Barnett being listed in anybodys top 10,

makes absolutely no sense at all.....




Chief...HE WAS NOT SUBMITTED, not by any stretch of the imagination. Why do people keep this troll going?

Why do people keep this troll going?

Who, Cro Cop?

I'm not a huge Josh Fan (or any representative of MMA who parts his hair in the middle and collects yuh-gi-oh cards) but he is a bad ass!

The cro cop deal was a fluke.

he beat mckee, couture , shilt, etc.

lkook at his record and who he has fought,


Josh has skills despite being sloppier than Fedor...

Paging El Guapo....


Cause he has one legit loss on his record and one loss due to injury. He beat everyone else, most of the time by finishing them.

He is very well rouded and in very functional shape with natural size and weight.

The roid scandal damaged his career and he hasnt had a big win since.

The question should be "why is Josh in the top 3", then I would provide an answer. The top 10 is self-evident.

I would rank Travis Fulton higher than Barnett. At least Fulton fights.

"His mouth was tougher then his shoulder" -Cro Cop on Josh Barnett

And Barnett can turn around and claim that his shoulder was still tougher than Cro Cop's body against Hoost.

At the top level you'd hope the guys are beyond stuff like that. One small stumble or slip and a heavyweight can easily injure a shoulder, knee etc.

Josh has a great record against a group of guys who have great records themselves. Why wouldn't he be top 10?

Pancrase has legit rankings in their org, so if they let you fight to become KOP, then obviously you have the wins to back it up.

People downplay his win over Kondo because Kondo is smaller. Well guess what, smaller guys win fights all the time. Obviously Kondo thought he could win. Josh alos ended the perfect winning record of Jimmy Ambriz, a fighter who is fairly heavier than Josh.

I love how beating Semmy Schilt is part of what puts Fedor, Nogueira and Kharitonov where they are today, yet people don't want to acknowledge Josh beating him.

I also love seeing people exclude Josh with the reason of inactivity, yet they put Frank Trigg, Pequeno, Machida, Genki Sudo, David Terrell, Arlovski, Arona, 'Kid' Yamamoto, Matt Serra, Pedro Rizzo, Bang Ludwig, Vitor Belfort, Bustamante, Din Thomas, Lee Murray, Mark Coleman and Tito Ortiz on their lists. All of which have faught fewer times than Josh in the last few years.

And yes, Josh does a couple of soft wins on his recent dance card, but even Fedor has Yuji Nagata and Naoya Ogawa on his.

Hey, if you hate Josh, just admit it. Don't pretend he doesn't have credentials though.

Whenever Crocop or anyone else every does that "submission" again, I'll believe it was on purpose.


LOL @ barnett even being close to top ten. Prowrestling and fights some one dimension non top ten fighters means about dick to me.

lol @ this

I would like to see the top 10 lists from anyone who doesn't believe Josh Barnett is in it.

What has Josh really done in the last 3 years to grant him top-10 status.

His win over Couture is null, obviously.