Why Khamzat will not destroy Costa like his other opponents

somehow khamzat gonna do better then yoel lol, after few scrambles they keep it standing, khamzat gets koed

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Costa vs Romero was pretty close. Yoel isn’t a complete grappler like Khamzat. Was Yoel choking anyone out in the UFC? As you see with fighters like Justin Gaethje you can go quite far in this sport with no BJJ.

cumshot wont take the fight


He is so confident he will beat him that he avoids him like he has Covid. Instead he calls out a former 155 fighter to fight at 185. Why not callout Someone smaller?



Khamzat wants no part of Costa, and the UFC will protect him.


Yeh and the MW champion who has barely wrestled in his life. Standard

PC barely did anything to Luke in what was an embarrassing fight. Khamzat eats him up and spits him out with ease

Because wrestling is the only aspect of grappling. Must be why Dan Severn tapped against Royce!

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Hard fight to call.

Khamzat could sub Costa in the first 7 minutes,

or get stuffed by Costa and KO’ed.

Pick em.

Costa beat Rockhold in the grappling though. That showed he might be able to hang. He is more proven in a fire fight than Khamzat.

Costa hasn’t looked great since before Israel on the feet though.

Why he should then he can just knock people out? Like DC as example

and khamzat cant, unless its much much weaker fighter/diver
Lol Justin? So now justin is wrestler? :laughing:

Ok so you’re obviously a moron

Don’t you remember them talking up Justin’s wrestling pedigree, how he was gonna beat Khabib with his “folk style” and visiting the college where he wrestled before the Oliviera fight?

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this is the obvious answer as to why. cant destroy a dude you wont agree to fight

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Oh that one :laughing:

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Dont know if to take it seriously since you with your bunch of alt accounts cant even hide your retardedness

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Ok grandpa

God bless you son

Justin is a D1 wrestler but that’s nothing compared to Khabib’s international level of talent.