WHY SHERK IS #1 at 55

  1. One of the greatest Cardio machines in the game.

  2. Incredible Takedowns and Ground Control.


  4. Underated standup= ZZZZ's most dont mention he

    has trained thai boxing for well over 12 years.

  5. No limbs or NECK to catch PERIOD...

  6. Has faced adversity in a BIG FIGHT.

  7. Has beaten Many TOP Level guys. (Karo 2X)

  8. GREAT attitude...very likable guy..

  9. WORK ETHIC...typical WRESTLER


Just bored and TRUELY believe he is #1 at 55 and top 6 at Welter...Who agrees?

Sherk is not even top 10.

But I'll give you a 10 for enthusiasm.

Sherk is guaranteed to give every 155'er Hell

I agree, who can beat him?

The fight with Franca will determine if he's top 15 material. If he wins in dominating fashion I will consider him potential top 10.

He does have the tools to win at 155, he just hasn't showed it. you can't rank based on potential, you have to rank based on results.

TTT...Haters make the world go round!!

Sherk is a monster at 55. He's gonna destroy Franca. Takedown and GNP all night.

lol! you could have saved time and just typed "BECAUSE IM IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!"

He has no neck!!! You cant even put a choke on him cuz he has no neck...

And after watching Ken-Flo and him fight...9 out of 10 guys would freak the fug out after seeing all that blood loss...but Sherk eh who cares and just kept fighting..

Hes got a lot of heart and hes going to have that title for a long time....

How would Sherk vs. Ishida work out?

Yeah, but I see that as a fun, competitive matchup. I'm really not sure how that would work out. I'm thinking Sherk would win thanks to the size advantage.

"Sherk is not even top 10."

LOL. yeah right. Guy went 5 rounds with Matt Hughes - The same Matt Hughes who was disposing of the likes of Sakurari at the same time. Has 2 wins over Karo and a win over Manny Gamburyan.

Sherk would throw around people like Ishida, he's just way too strong and explosive. Nobody would submit him, his base and posture is way too strong.

Sherk has the tools to beat anyone at 155/160. I don't think he's #1 yet, but he will have time to prove himself.

"LOL. yeah right. Guy went 5 rounds with Matt Hughes - The same Matt Hughes who was disposing of the likes of Sakurari at the same time. Has 2 wins over Karo and a win over Manny Gamburyan."


"manny and the armenian mafia lead by karo the don parysian "

He beat Karo twice already and i think he also fought manny his only pro- losses come to a some what shitty dec with hughs  and tko by GSP

first that was out of his weight class because unlike others when the 155 went away sherk just went up and was a top competitor at 170 not many people can do that

"There is a difference between the best 155lber in the world and the most proven 155 lber in the world.

If you are ranking the most proven 155lber. You, can argue sherk not there (if you ignore his career at 170). However, if you are saying who is the best 155 lber, I think you need to consider sherk top 5."

  • Perfectly stated.

One win over an unranked opponent (Florian) does not get you automatically ranked at LW.

But at the same time, I would favor Sherk over pretty much every other LW out there, except maybe BJ.

But rankings are not supposed to be predictive nor based on potential over actual accomplishment.

When Randy dropped down to 205, he was already a former 2-time UFC Champion at HW, but he wasn't immediately ranked at 205 based on his announcement alone.

He was ranked only after actually dispatching Chuck, a top 3 LHW, and ranked top 2 or co-#1 (with Wanderlei) after beating another top 3 LHW in Tito.

While Franca may not currently be ranked, he is definitely a formidable opponent who used to be a top contender at LW. An impressive win over Franca should probably enter Sherk into the top ten.

And if he actually does as well as his potential predicts, imo he should become a top 3, maybe even the #1 LW in the world.

But that ranking has to happen actually after that reality proves itself, not before. Rankings should follow accomplishment, not the other way around.

Last time I lookked he had 2 ankles 2 knees and a bad shoulder .[all susceptible to Joe daddy]

P.s No reach when he has had a good stand up fight it was against someone who likes to get hit and stay inside [Nick diaz]

You are only as strong as your weakest point.

That being said he is one of my favorate fighters and all of your points are valid.Good Thread

Another problem is the lack of depth in the 155 division for the UFC.  There are a lot of great fighters in that division that are deserving of a contract with Zuffa, but so far they have only brought in top lightweight fighters as they need them.  In the mean-time, we're stuck with the TUF fighters who, for the most part and aside for a very few individuals, are just not exciting or well rounded fighters and act like idiots.

The only guy that might get him is BJ. No one else comes close.

"Sherk #1 @155....The same Sherk that couldn't even finish Kenny Florian, and didn't even do any damage to him either? "

Did you sleep through that fight? He took Ken-Flo down 2-3 times per round and passes his guard with a VERY technical and tight pass repeatedly.

AFAIK getting taken down and having your guard passed over and over while you do nothing = getting your ass kicked.

"Has 2 wins over Karo and a win over Manny Gamburyan."

Karo was a teenager at the time of the fights.