why water?

Why does it say you have to drink like 8 glasses of water a day when
your trying to lose weight. Does it help keep u full etc??? seems like a

You get used to the added water quick. Your body uses more water when it's losing weight. It also helps you keep full. 8 cups is the minimum.

If you work out 8 glass is nowhere near enough.

I drink at least four litres a day and I gaurantee that if I was tested I would still be technically dehydrated.

Think about it, 45 minutes hard cardio you could easily drop a few pounds of water. Thats not even anything to do with regneration and other body functions.

I'm in the same camp though, I find drinking it a chore.

Do you drink cold water? I know that once I switched to warm water it wasn't a problem.

you're right about warm water

Not just for hydration, but water transports important nutrients throughout the body, this is also key.

Wow, I have trouble drinking 4-5 pints of fluids a day, let alone 8 litres!

Brave man, you must be hitting the wc every 5 minutes?

usually 4-5 litres. I have 1 and half litre bottle at my desk and fill it up at least twice a day - then drink a lot in gym and at home.

correct on the wc - dont know what else to do though. If I don't I will chronically dehydrated. Actually probably have type 2 diabetes!

how much water is too much?

I carry a gallon jug around with me in my car and take gulps every couple of minutes. As long as I finish that jug, I know that I'm straight for the day. Any other water I drink (during meals, inside the gym, etc.) is icing on the cake.

a biological law says: "amount of water consumed = amount of water released", keeping aside the fact of growth, where little water is added to the proportion of the body, that soons stops once maturity is acquired, or little more/less than standard remains.

So keeping the above point in mind, one can easily realise that water is only circulated through the body, which does:

Flow and cleanse the system, helps releasing it's toxins through urine and sweat, etc., so the more you have of it, is the greater cleansening... Over dose could be an amount that a normal person won't be able to take.

I found that Bruce lee was in love of morning jogs, which always kept him (young) and fresh, it was the blood pressure and strong flow through the veins and artheries which allowed the vital materials carried in blood reach cells that normally witness slow flow of blood, such as the top most layers of skin, etc. which at times witnessed weak nourishment due to the weak accessability of blood flow, which is increased due to the pressure and strong push through the tunnels;

There are many other benifits, little, most general are given.


Is it just water specifically or can you drink tea,or what about diet soda. Would there be a prob with that.

Anything that hydrates you. Things with caffeine replenish your fluids less. Think decaf teas, soda is something to stay away from, but in moderation small amounts would be fine.

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