Wiggy & Scrapper Combo Special

Scrapper and I have been talking some about an upcoming project we have "around the bend." We are looking at putting together one of the most intense, hardcore, information packed S&C manuals you've ever seen.

HOWEVER, this *is* still a long way off (it'll be a good stretch into 2004 before we're done). Until then, we've got this to offer to you:

The "Wiggy & Scrapper Combo Package!"

From now until the end of the year, you can buy both of my "Singles & Doubles" e-books AND Scrapper's Mod. 1 for $124.95 (+s/h). Anyway you look at it, that is a friggin' steal!

You get all the bodyweight and jump rope routines from Scrapper's Mod. 1, you get the Sandbag training info from my 1st S&D book, you get daily training AND how to mix weights with Scrapper's programs from my 2nd S&D book...

This is a perfect Christmas present - and an even better tool for those with those New Years' Resolutions to lose weight or get in better shape!

Remember - this deal isn't forever. Once Dec. 31, 2003 comes and goes, so does this Combo Package deal. Hurry up and get yours - before Scrap makes you do some Push-Ups or I toss a sandbag at you....

ORDER HERE: http://www.workingclassfitness.com/combo.shtml

Wiggy - www.workingclassfitness.com

you guys are EVIL!





you should put in this thread how much people would be saving, that is often an incentive to buy.