Wild Bills Fights - ATL

Congrats to Kevin, Dymond, Big James and all the Knuckle up fighters. Good night of fights. Lots of UFC fighters in attendance. Forrest, Rory, Babalu and Kevin Jordan were in the crowd and Marcus Davis won his fight by arm bar.

You got home quick huh LOL? Just walked in the door after getting some food at IHOP and shakes at Steak n' Shake. Good night of fights and another packed house.

Big congrats to my fighter, Brian Bowles, for winning his second pro fight against a very game Charles Nutt. Thanks to Charles for the fight.

ttt for Knuckle up

Rory and I pre-fight, we thrown down next Friday in Athens, hahaha...

Awesome show!

Rory, I have something for you. Where should I send it or should I wait and pass it along thru Micah? Dont worry, she's, I mean its all legal.



Anybody have complete results (or least winners)?

I couldn't make it last night, and I want to know how Cliff Thunderdome Frettwell did, amongst others.



Congrats to everyone!!!! Rory im in DENVER for my brother's fight. I'll call you again wen i get to ATLANTA.


Does anyone know who won the Steve McDonald fight I'm scheduled to fight him the 22 of this month and want to see if he won or lost and make sure he didn't get injured. Thanks

Hopefully my reffing did not suck to badly.

I basically just told him to never pull that shit again, ever. I said if you want to be a champion that you act like a champion. That was very bushleague and I can't stand that sort of thing. He apologized to my brother like five times after. He realized what he had done and felt badly afterwards.


I will send you an email with my address.

Cliff lost by triangle. He was doing well and winning the match. Lots of ground and pound and then just got caught in the third round, I think.

Congrats to Marcus Davis, what is it now 5 in a row?

hey rory, did James Thorpe win his fight?

congrats Marcus, I can't wait to see him back in the big show.

james won by kimura in the 1st

congrats to Brian. Expect big things from him


Great night of fights. I had a great time. Lots of action. Congrats to all the fighters who put on a great show - ttt