Will anybody fight JC Pennington ?

What's with you guys out there? JC Pennington 145-150lbs from Slidell, La. who sports a amateur MMA record of 7-1 is wanting to turn pro this weekend Sat.,March 20th at "The Big Easy Fighting Championships" in New Orleans, La. but we can't seem to pin down a definite match for him, so if there are any guys with some balls out there willing to take the match please contact us asap at anconasgym@aol.com or call Joe at 504-888-6451 and leave me your e-mail on this thread!It pays $200 fight /$100 additionally to win. Also, gas, hotel, and food will be provided for all the other amateurs competing on this event.

I would :)

Also if you state how much your paying and if its good im sure there are tons of people willing to fight him.

Yeah, I would too;] Charles fights at 185, though and I fight at 170. Either one of us will need a shitload of gas to get there. Good luck to JC and to the poor bastid that has to stare across the ring at that red-headed maniac.

i would fight jc for free. he is a pussy!!!! lol good luck this weekend brother!

good luck to you Josh in Minnesota.

email me at KBeezy1@cox.net regarding the supplement company you were telling me about. Or leave me your email addy so I can email you some questions.




There is a very very good amatuer in GA named rafael Assunaco(sp?) who trains with jacare. He fights at 145 and may be interested.

what about Parrumpinha?

Joe...I might have a guy...in fact almost for sure. He lives in Mandeville too. I will drop you an Email.

Andrew Chappelle

keep it coming

I'll fight him but you will have to have 3 of him to make weight

Andrew, who is this guy in Mandeville, if he is worth a damn we should have heard about him down here!!

And, the guy from Jacare's sound real good, ask him and e-mail me on him! anconasgym@aol.com or call 504-888-6451


i am not in GA and I dont train with jacare... i gave you his name and his school the leg work is up to you :).




need jacare's e-mail

sent mail to jacare

sent mail to jacare