Will Canelo go down as the greatest fighter of all time?

Canelo needs to fight in the right division and he’ll keep winning.


GGG clearly and obviously beat Canelo in their first fight. GGG arguably won the 2nd fight as well. Mayweather isn’t even in the conversation as GOAT. His style was overly defensive, very frustrating to watch. He also ducked many top boxers who were at their prime. He had several huge ppv events but Many people watched Mayweather fights back in the day to actually see him lose. Me and my friends included. He single handedly ruined boxing for many years. With his running, boring, not engaging in actual fighting style. That’s just the hard truth of the matter. Anyone that disagrees is either dillusional or never followed boxing closely.


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Summed up perfectly.

I always was really impressed with sound defensive guys like Chris Byrd, Mayweather, and Sweet Pea.

With that said, I would prefer every fight be like Ward/Gatti.

Canelo fought GGG when he was already 35 (and 36 in the rematch). And he should have lost both fights. I don’t consider that a win against an A-level boxer in the rematch because he didn’t really win.

He fought Mayweather and lost. Floyd is A-level (and a horrifically boring point boxer), but Canelo lost.

Canelo has beat former A-level type guys who were far out of their prime (Mosley, Cotto, etc). He also defeated a washed up Kovalev who was never A-level. What still-in-their-prime A-level boxer has Canelo beat in his entire career?

He is bouncing around weight classes fighting boxers who aren’t that great to opportunistically grab belts. He tried that against pillow-fisted Bivol and got easily outboxed.

Errol Spence wants Canelo, and I find it interesting that the Mexican isn’t willing to do a 164-lbs catchweight match. Maybe it’s because Spence isn’t old and washed up yet. It would be a huge money fight.


Don’t want to knock Canelo as he’s a great fighter but Mayweather was better. It’s true Floyd was the biggest ducker in boxing but he eventually beat all challengers. Really there’s only the one fight where the decision was questionable. Floyd ducked guys he could probably beat but was so afraid of a possible loss he ducked. Thats despicable and he should have been stripped of the belt more than once but he’s still undefeated in like 50 fights. As much as i can’t stand him i have to concede he was a great fighter. The best? Possible but by no means certain, my opinion Leonard was better.

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Leonard fought the best in their prime. Benitez, Duran, Hearns, Hagler etc. I think Leonard vs Floyd would look a lot like his fight with Benitez.

Lol those calling Floyd a ducker. Better come with hard, hard facts.

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Plus mayweather was close to 40 when he fought Canelo , grandpa in boxing years

Dude makes the most laughable plain as day casual analysis, and closes with this

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Canelo would outclass Spence.

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“Gennady-cock-gobbler” If its plain as day, then what’s the problem. And if it’s plain as day, why are there people on here who disagree with me?? You didn’t really think that out too well before you posted did you there you silly little boy

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Only in your imagination since it looks like Canelo doesn’t want it.

He’s currently boxing 4 weight classes higher you retard.