Wisniewski vs. Prater in FFC XIII

We are excited to announce the main event for the upcoming FFC XIII show at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS on Fri. Dec. 10th.

FFC Welterweight Champion Carlo Prater will defend his title against Keith Wisniewski.

This has the potential to be a classic chess match of 2 great fighters, both of whom are making alot of noise in the Welterweight division.

What do you guys think of this match?

Rob Braniff

Do you have any other openings on the card? charles @ charlesm .com

-Charles McCarthy

ooooh good one.

Gotta go with my boy Carlo


We are done with this card but would like to talk to you for upcoming shows. We may have something coming up in Indiana in November. If not we have 12 shows scheduled for next year. Please call me or e-mail me your contact info and i'll be in touch.


Did you get my message earlier?

Rob Braniff

Rob I may be very interested in november depending on the date. Email or call me and we can talk details I am looking forward to fighting for FFC

rob ill call you tomorrow I am pretty sure I have your contact info.

YEah I got it Rob.

Pat had called me and told me to ask around blah blah. When I told him I would but needed a way to get back in touch with him, he said dont worry about it he would call me back in a day or two.

So, the only thing I can think is to give him your personal number when he calls back if that is ok.

This is a very interesting matchup! I am not sure who to go with on this one, as they both seem dangerous! Also, both guys seem to be very respectful and all around good guys! Good luck to BOTH guys! :)

Although I think that Prater is a very good fighter, I think Keith comes home with the gold by submission in round 2.



Keith by sub Round R3

What weight is this at? I thought Prater was 155 and Keith 170. Shows you what I know?

Holy Fuck

Wisnewski is schedualed to fight everyone in his division

Oct 20th Berger -tough fight
Nov 23rd Noble -tough fight

and now Prater in Dec... holy shit

ttt, go get 'em Keith!!!

ttt for DVT

Keith Wisniewski is the man!!

prater is one of the best up and comers at 170lbs. he is going to be very tough to beat. i'll be impressed if wisniewski pulls it off.

btw, when is patt/rothaermel or gurgel/gardner going to happen? i've been looking forward to those for a while. both have the potential to be great fights.


I'm revealing my pyschic prediction here for the Underground:

Keith Wisniewski will be the new FFC Welterweight Champion!

Patrick 'Spoonbender' Robinson